Aixtron G5 multiple order from HUGA Optotech

Dec. 16, 2010
Date Announced: 16 Dec 2010 Aachen/Germany – AIXTRON AG announced today a repeat order formultiple MOCVD reactors from existing customer HUGA Optotech. The order comprises a double-digit number of AIX G5 HT 14x4-inch configuration deposition systems. HUGA Optotech placed the order in the course of 2010 and after delivery of the systems between the fourth quarter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011, they will be used for the production of GaN-based materials for ultra-high brightness (UHB) blue LEDs. The local AIXTRON support team Taiwan will commission the new reactors in HUGA’s newly expanded Taichung facility.“HUGA Optotech has been particularly impressed with the overall performance of our first AIXTRON G5 HT MOCVD system”, C.N. Huang, HUGA Optotech President comments. “Factors that have influenced our decision centre on the excellent performance we have seen from the G5 Planetary system, plus its capability to perform continuous runs without baking or cleaning. This has been achieved as smoothly and efficiently as we could wish. These and other positive factors have reassured HUGA Optotech management and engineers alike that they can have the highest confidence with the AIX G5 HT platforms on order. We plan to base our complete current expansion around the G5.” HUGA Optoech Inc., is one of the major manufacturers of high-brightness GaN LED wafers and chips in Taiwan. Established in May 1998, it first achieved mass-production of its own blue LED chip product in 2001. Today it is committed not only to the manufacture and further development of GaN LED chips, but also other GaN components such as laser diodes, UV emitters and GaAs-based devices for communications, etc.The G5 HT is AIXTRON´s flagship MOCVD system and is used all around the world for the most demanding of compound semiconductor material production tasks. The latest and most capable evolution of the AIXTRON Planetary Reactor® series, the G5 has been optimized to meet all requirements for advanced production with respect to performance, Cost of Ownership and yield. The HT, or high temperature, designation refers to the particular application to the manufacture of wide bandgap materials for applications including but not restricted to UHB LEDs.

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