Lusio Solid State Lighting reshapes commercial and industrial market with significant release of 80 fixtures backed by 7-year warranties

Dec. 17, 2010
Date Announced: 17 Dec 2010 Overland Park, Kan. - Lusio Solid State Lighting, a worldwide brand and division of LightWild, today announced the release of 80 innovative SSL fixtures for warehouses, convention centers, transportation terminals, manufacturing plants, and other commercial and industrial facilities that utilize high bay, low bay, and aisle lighting fixtures."Today's release is the culmination of years of input from customers and significant engineering R&D innovations," said Tom Stafford, President and CEO of LightWild. "With extensive prototyping, trial installs, certifications, and compliance testing for worldwide installations, we believe Lusio fixtures are the most complete solid state lighting fixtures available for commercial and industrial installations. Seeing is believing. Lusio delivers a cleaner, more useful quality of light for our customers with significantly less energy consumption and a substantially lower overall total cost of ownership than traditional commercial and industrial fixtures."Superior Quality of Light, Solid Construction, 7-Year Warranties, and MoreMade in the USA, Lusio fixtures use housings comprised of up to 80 percent recycled aluminum and are designed to meet the rigorous physical demands and light level requirements of commercial and industrial lighting applications. Features and benefits include: * Precise Optics: Lusio fixtures are engineered with optical reflectors that deliver five lighting distributions in mounting heights from 12-60 feet (3.5-18 m). The specially engineered reflectors also minimize glare and deliver a substantially higher percentage of usable footcandles on key work areas than traditional HID and fluorescent fixtures. * Energy Efficiency and Low Maintenance: Lusio fixtures offer 35-70% energy savings through a direct replacement of HID and fluorescent fixtures. Because Lusio fixtures do not contain mercury or other hazardous substances, additional savings are achieved by elimination of costs for mercury lamp disposal. Lusio fixtures have an impressive overall fixture efficacy between 70 and 90 lumens per watt based on various fixture types and can generate more than 14,000 lumens for illumination of large retail, commercial, and industrial facilities. * Thermal Efficiency: Lusio fixtures are one of the coolest operating commercial and industrial fixtures available in the market. The combination of specially engineered heat sinks and dissipation techniques, thermal transfer technologies and the superior thermal junction (Tj) temperature rating of 302 degrees F (150 degrees C) of the LUXEON Rebel ES LEDs used in the fixtures, allow Lusio to achieve up to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C) environmental operating temperature approval ratings by UL/CE. The overall cool fixture operating temperature of Lusio not only increases the longevity and reliability of the fixture, but also decreases AC cooling energy costs as compared to typical HID and high-output fluorescent fixtures. * Controllable: Lusio fixtures interface to standard 0-10v dimmers and are offered with occupancy sensors to further reduce their energy costs. * 7-Year Warranties: Lusio fixtures come with a standard 7-year replacement warranty. Full terms and warranty details are available at * Made in the USA: Lusio fixtures are compliant with the Buy American Act and the "Made in the USA" statement as described by the Federal Trade Commission. Lusio Solid State Lighting, as a division of LightWild, is an S.B.A. designated federal contractor (LightWild, L.C. – DUNS No. 360795368).Lusio Leverages Industry Leading LUXEON Rebel ES from Philips LumiledsLusio Solid State Lighting selected the LUXEON Rebel ES for use in its fixtures after extensive analyses of several LED packages."While many manufacturers seem to be chasing lumens as the sole criteria for LED selection, LightWild also considered many other factors," Stafford said. "We believe that the Rebel ES will deliver super-long life stability and performance value for our customers.""LightWild looked for a solution to meet their objectives for superior light output, efficacy, and quality of light, each of which is delivered by LUXEON Rebel ES," said Steve Barlow, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Philips Lumileds. "We are proud that they have chosen the LUXEON Rebel ES for their Lusio product line."AvailabilityLusio High Bay distribution and Low Bay Medium distribution fixtures are immediately available. Lusio Aisle Lighter and High Bay Narrow distribution for extreme mounting heights will be released mid-January 2011 and the Low Bay Wide distribution will be released mid-February 2011.About Lusio Solid State LightingLusio Solid State Lighting, a brand and division of LightWild, provides highly energy-efficient, green LED lighting solutions for use in warehouses, big-box retail, convention centers, and other commercial and industrial applications. Lusio specific offerings for high bay, low bay, and aisle lighting applications deliver optically sophisticated, super-clean lighting with lumens that meet or exceed traditional legacy fluorescent and metal halide lighting sources. Lusio is a worldwide registered trademark of LightWild.

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