Illumicare launches new line of LED Lamps

Dec. 9, 2010
Date Announced: 09 Dec 2010 -- Illumicare Group Limited Offers Low-Voltage, High Efficiency LED Lighting Products to Customers across North AmericaIllumicare Group Limited today announced the launch of its new line of MR16 and omnidirectional miniature LED lamps for commercial and landscape applications. The company’s development of the fully-stepped LED IC driver and unique thermal control ensure Illumicare’s LED lamps are capable of operating at temperatures well below the heat specifications of most current leading LED chips, even when sealed inside weatherproof fixtures. These new innovations, combined with the elimination of the electrolytic capacitor, ensure all Illumicare lamps live up to their full potential.Illumicare’s focus is eliminating the barriers involved in engineering superior LED lighting technologies and adapting to environmental demands to produce an innovative, energy-efficient lamp for both new and retrofit lighting installations. Rated for outdoor use in enclosed fixtures, these lamps use less energy, and their long life curbs their impact on the environment by allowing for more simplified lighting systems and fewer lamp replacements compared to their halogen or incandescent equivalents.“While there are obvious environmental benefits to installing more efficient lighting, such as saving money on electricity, with an Illumicare LED lighting system, you can also reduce your carbon footprint and recycling and disposal costs by eliminating the need to replace every system lamp annually. We’ve optimized our lighting system to produce less material, light and energy waste for our customers. Our team is dedicated to improving and enhancing outdoor LED illumination,” said Bob Golden, Senior Manager of Lighting Sales at Illumicare Group Limited.Illumicare’s website,, now provides access to the online store that offers LED lamps at retail, contractor and distributor pricing levels. In the coming months, fixture and transformer product lines will be added, and each section of the store will reflect the products that are most popular in their customer’s landscape and commercial lighting designs.For more details about purchasing Illumicare Group Limited’s low voltage outdoor LED lamps, please visit: http://www.illumicaregroup.comAbout Illumicare Group LimitedFor more than 15 years, Illumicare Group Limited’s lighting professionals have specialized in developing and supplying high-efficiency lighting to the commercial and landscape lighting industry. Providing distributors, contractors and consumers with innovative LED products, Illumicare Group Limited’s lighting product line is designed to reduce energy, costs and maintenance while delivering high-quality, low-voltage illumination.

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