LED lamps light up swimming pool in the main stadium in Volgograd, Russia

Dec. 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Dec 2010 Company Intelligence Service "is the official dealer of" Focus "completed the project on coverage of the basin of the central stadium in Volgograd. The project was implemented USS-70/100 fixtures that will reduce electricity consumption by 6 times. and given the opportunity to obtain the necessary light on the regulatory requirements.You can say that the development of mass sports and technological progress of artificial lighting are in close relationship. For coverage of sports facilities to meet high and diverse demands are different for different sports.Lights of sports facilities should allow distinguishing between all parts of games, exercises and competitions by both the athletes and spectators alike, often incredibly distant. Perhaps, however, the most demanding of judges, the visual task that can be considered as the most responsible.With the advent of LEDs on the sports facilities there are LED lighting system.We have implemented projects on floodlit tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms and ice rinks. Has complied with all standards for illumination projects according to experts, have brought considerable savings in energy savings and maintenance. LED lamps were not particularly interchangeable illuminated at heights above 6 feet, this is due to the difficulty of exploitation (the replacement of lamps at high altitudes causes difficulty). There have been numerous projects for street lighting athletic fields and hockey boxes at the moment proved the feasibility of our system, since the prospect of no equal on consumer characteristics (retained the required illumination over the years, low power consumption and minimum maintenance). Originally profitable mortgage LED systems for new facilities is a huge cost savings in purchasing power. Additional savings will be mounting, lower section of the cable. Due to low power consumption and lack of start-up current decreases the load on the power supply and transformer stations in more than 4 times.

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