Ecomaa introduces patented fan cooling technique

Dec. 7, 2010
Date Announced: 07 Dec 2010 In the current market, the classification of High power LED heat dispassion is as following. Active cooling includes Fan and Water cooling. Passive cooling includes Thermal paste, Ceramic, Metal based,Carbon based, Liquid metal based, Metal core PCB(MCPCB),Heat Sinks..etc.Why Ecomaa adapting Fan for LED lighting cooling?With excellent function of diversion, air exchange,heat dispassion. Minimize the lamp weight and volume, maximize heat dispassion efficiency How does fan operate in Ecomaa lighting series products?Fan use active convection to dramatically change the ambient temperature by forcing air into the environment. Using a fan on top of a heat sink brings in air from a distance and actively pushes it across the heat sink fins.It has a much better performance than passive convection.Fan noise concern:1: Ecomaa ’cooling fan is the outstanding design of minimizing noise. The average noise level is less than 20Dba. It could hardly be detectable. (Testing standard- 20~30 ℃temperature /50~70% humidity)2: The cooling fan we are adapting is from our parent company, Forecon Tech, and it is patented” Hydro-mag Bearing Technique”. This patented fan bearing technique could reduce the weight, cost, noise and vibration of lamps. 3: Combing Fan cooling technique with heat sink could produce better airflow performance, and decrease the eddy effect. Life time of fan?We do the fan life time test under the condition of 70℃ambient temperature and we also provide 2 years warranty for our customers. Lamps malfunction concern?We also do the Dust & Fiber test toward the fan. The dust or fiber will generally collect and deposit on Fan or module sometimes. However, it will not affect the performance of fan such as life time or noise according to our past experimental experience. The advantages of choosing fan cooling compared to conventional cooling technology. 1.Better heat dispassion at least 30%2.Less weight at least 70%3.Reduce cost at least 20 %4.Follower such as PhilipsEcomaa LED adopted professional Note book fan technology, This solves the heat build up in all LED based lamps on the market. Moreover reaching the same lm output as a 50W halogen MR16.The adaptation of the fan is made by our parent company, FORCECON. They specialized in heat dispersal system including heat pips and fan module. Forcecon has over 25% of world market shares.Equipping with Fan, noise will our top priority issue, Ecomaa has strong contingent team of RD, to reduce the noise level and practically silent.The safety precaution will be activated automatically once been detected of a fan malfunction. The lm output will be 50 % less then original to prevent from overheating the LED. User could notice it immediately in advance.

Sean Peng/Ecomaa Lighting Inc.

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