Dialight wins electronic industry award for DuroSite LED high bay

Dec. 14, 2010
Date Announced: 14 Dec 2010 Newmarket, UK – On Thursday 9 December Dialight picked up the Elektra award for Solid State Lighting Applications at the European Electronics Industry Awards 2010 in the Lancaster Hotel, London. The company beat off stiff competition in the form of finalists Marl International, Osram and TT electronics OPTEK Technology to scoop the award for which solid state lighting products were judged on their performance, design flexibility and suitability for an application. Dialight’s winning product, its 150W high brightness DuroSite™ Series LED High Bay is designed to replace conventional lights in high-ceilinged commercial and industrial applications, such as warehouses and manufacturing plants, as well as low traffic or extreme temperature environments like cold storage facilities. The LED High Bay outperforms 324W fluorescent, 400W HPS and metal halide lighting sources using only 150W per fixture to deliver 11,600 lumens (77 l/w) while offering power savings of 50-60% and this efficiency can be further improved by using proximity switching to save power in low traffic areas. LED fixtures don’t require a warm-up period and can be operated as ‘instant-on’, reaching full light intensity in a fraction of a second, so users can save even more by powering down the lights when not needed or using motion control to avoid running them 24/7.With its five-year continuous use warranty (80% lumen maintenance after 60,000 hours) and expected lifespan of ten+ years, Dialight’s LED High Bay needs zero maintenance, thereby avoiding annual replacement of traditional light fittings and the associated expensive downtime. Consuming only 150W, the LED High Bay also provides unparalleled level of quality overhead light, significantly reducing energy consumption, power and CO2 emissions. Altogether it’s tougher, more energy efficient, lower on carbon emissions and light pollution and can pay back in less than a year.Roy Burton, CEO of Dialight was quoted as saying, "Replacing inefficient lighting with LED technology brings instant benefits for businesses wishing to reduce their energy bills and their carbon output. Dialight has recently pioneered innovative financial solutions to enable the financing of LED installations and thus enable more rapid deployment of white efficient lighting in our cities and in industry. I would like to pay tribute to our design teams on both sides of the Atlantic for ensuring this prestigious win for Dialight."

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