ALT is first LED lighting manufacturer to pass ITRI LED street light inspection

Dec. 7, 2010
Date Announced: 07 Dec 2010 The leading LED lighting company in Taiwan, Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), has hold a huge product launch press conference on December 1st in Taipei World Trade Center. On the conference, ALT has officially announced the latest 2010 Q4 products, including new generation LED T8 tube; high-brightness LED candle light; one to many MR16 GX5.3 dimmable series; the latest small lens angle BR indoor lighting series. Additionally, to celebrate ALT has become the first LED manufacturer who passed IRTI LED street lighting CNS Mark inspection, the deputy of ITRI Center for Measurement Standards Division, Dr. Chong, specially come to site as testimony this ceremony. Many valuable guests come to join this event, including several high-level managers of international LED manufacturers. The CEO of ALT, James Liang, also personally came to the site and announced the new products to all participation.ALT introduces new products for major indoor lighting purposeSince incandescent lamps is going to be banned totally in the near future, ALT has announced all new product line for indoor lighting, including new LED T8 tube, high power LED candle light, one to many dimmer MR16 dimmable lamp, and small lens angle BR indoor lighting series. Succeeding to excellent heat dissipation structure from previous version, the new LED T8 tube has reduced its weight and the price also drop respectively. Besides, the new T8 adopted the brightest LED chips from CREE, the well-known international LED chip manufacturer in the world. Compared to other similar products, ALT new T8 tube has rose up the brightness, enhanced the efficiency, and extended life span. The new T8 tube can replace the tradition fluorescent lamps directly. The second new product announced in this conference is high power LED candle light. Unlike other small power LED lamp in the market, ALT specially adopted high power, high efficient chips, and developed new light pole structure. It not only increases its light efficiency but also creates a smooth and soft light sharp, and provided the best selection for interior designer. To fulfill the requirement of indoor exhibition lighting, ALT has already developed liner dimmable product last year. In addition, ALT redesigned the power driver and announced the latest one to many MR16 GX5.3 dimmable series to allow users to use one dimmer to control more than one LED light bulb without any flicker. The products target to apply in restaurants, residents, and hotels to create a relax atmosphere. For wide exhibition request, ALT launched two new products, 25 and 38 degree LED BR lamp. With high luminous but concentrate light, users can apply all the light on demonstration to emphasize its high value. It is perfect to fit in art gallery, museum, and large exhibition site.To elaborate the corporation strategy for future development, the CEO of ALT, James Liang, said that since the incandescent lamp will be banned in the near future, LED lighting will surely become the major light source for next generation. And the whole LED lighting market will expand dramatically. He expects there will be lots of competitors entering this market aim for this business opportunity. However, the quality of LED lighting has huge difference among all manufacturers. It is also the main reason that LED lighting cannot be popular as consumer goods. Yet, ALT has focused on product development and international safety certification since the company has begun. The only goal for ALT is to provide the finest quality and safety products to all clients around the world. Liang also believes that establishing brand loyalty is the only way to promote the product and develop the whole market for long term trend.ALT successfully passed ITRI the toughest LED street light testInsisting “pursuit perfection” corporation spirit, ALT is the first one to pass ITRI LED street light inspection when there is not a clear regulation for LED lighting in Taiwan. To celebrate this incredible honor, the deputy of ITRI Center for Measurement Standards Division, Dr. Chong, specially came to the conference to witness the ceremony. Dr. Chong said, Taiwan is the first country to announce the national regulation of LED street light in the world. And ITRI Center for Measurement Standards Division is one of few certified CNS inspection laboratory. To accomplish the policy for reducing carbon foot-print and accelerate CNS Mark certification process in order to protect consumers’ benefit and fulfill public construction procurement request, ITRI has positively executed quality verification and inspection. In contrast, CNS Mark test has higher standard and smaller toleration than CNS 15233 test. The toughest part for CNS Mark test is that any item failed in the test, the company has started all over again. It is a big challenge for all LED manufacturers. Most of manufacturers were only doing CNS 15233 test instead but only ALT insisted to do CNS Mark test. It is very impressed!With outstanding heat dissipation technology from root company, ALT constantly develops LED lighting technology. For three and half years from the company began, ALT has already acquired more than hundred patents and successfully gain several major safety certification, including UL, CE, ETL, FCC, TUV, and CNS Mark from Taiwan. As developing indoor LED lighting, ALT also leads the whole industry. The latest products, such as high-brightness LED candle light and one to many MR16 dimmable series, are researched and developed by ALT R&D team solely. And new LED T8 tube, with light weight and high luminous advantages, can replace to traditional fluorescent lamps directly. With core technology competitive, ALT will have chance to increase its market share since the market is getting mature, and eventually becomes one of leading LED lighting manufacturers in the world.About Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. produces a wide range of high-performance LED lighting products. With leading-edge electronic manufacturing, industry-leading thermal management technology and high-performance optics, ALT holds more than 100 patents and safety certifications. ALT shares technology and engineering with their partner, an industrial server manufacturer. Founded in 2007, ALT is proudly headquartered in Taiwan. Aeon Lighting Technology is proud to be the first ever LED lighting company to receive international recognition by winning the prestigious IF Product Design Award for 2009 for the Aurora™-series LED MR16.

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