Aixtron completes conversion into a European Company (SE)

Dec. 22, 2010
Date Announced: 22 Dec 2010 Aachen/Germany – Aixtron SE (FSE: AIX; NASDAQ: AIXG) todayconfirmed the completion of the company’s conversion into a European Company. With today’s entry into the commercial register of the Aachen municipal court, Aixtron Aktiengesellschaft will in future operate and report as Aixtron SE.An SE legal entity is a public limited-liability company under European law. The supranational legal form reflects Aixtron’s European and international orientation and is a natural step in respect of Aixtron’s global operations and business development. Nearly half of Aixtron’s employees work abroad and more than 90 per cent of the company’s revenues are generated outside Germany.The conversion was approved by a large majority of shareholders at the Annual General Meeting in 2010. More than 94 per cent of the represented share capital approved the Executive and Supervisory Board’s proposal of converting Aixtron AG into an SE.Negotiations with the employee representatives concerning the future employee participation in Aixtron SE were conducted in a very professional manner and were successfully concluded within the statutory period of six months.The Company’s headquarters will remain in Herzogenrath in the Aachen region. The two-tier system consisting of a Supervisory Board and an Executive Board will remain in effect as well. All current members of the Supervisory and Executive Board will retain their originalfunctions in the corresponding boards in the SE. Further changes within the Aixtron Group in conjunction to the conversion are not planned. The shareholders of Aixtron AG will automatically become shareholders of Aixtron SE and their shareholders’ rights will not beaffected by the conversion. There are also no changes to the manner or content of financial reporting as a result of the conversion to SE.

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