PAS-NGL-G24-PL LED retrofit lights save 70% energy compared to CFL

June 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Jun 2010 PAS-NGL announce the availability of new type of LED G24 D or Q.Our PAS-NGL-G24-PL is available in 6 and 10 watt.10 Watt replaces the common used 26 watt CFL. Our products do not have any glare and are round shaped. The head is 90° rotatable which is usefull in some armatures where 30% of sockets is inclined 45°.The light output is without any glare and delivers a very good illumination on work floor. A double 26 watt CFl fixture consumes nearly 70 watts of power while 2x10 Watt LED G24 only consumes 20W.There is 2 year warranty on the product.We expect the full CE report by the end of the month, detailed datasheet and CRI report will be released too. PAS-NGl has a broad portfolio of decent LED product and is looking for expansion into Europe. We are fascinated by the new technology and are constantly improving our portfolio.

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