Nokero announces solar-powered LED lamp for off-grid deployment

June 14, 2010
Date Announced: 14 Jun 2010 Designed as an affordable, safe and clean alternative to burning fossil-fuel lamps.Multiple uses for homes, schools, businesses, outdoor recreation and more.Nokero International Ltd today announced the release of the Nokero N100, the world’s only solar light bulb.The innovative Nokero bulb offers an affordable, clean and safe lighting solution to 1.6 billion people worldwide – a quarter of the human population – who live without electricity and rely on fossil-fuel lanterns for lighting.The durable, rainproof light bulb is about the size of a standard incandescent bulb and can be charged during the day to provide hours of clean, safe light at night. It’s also designed with a replaceable, rechargeable battery so it can be renewed to operate for several years.“We’ve done everything we can to make this solar bulb affordable and long-lasting so the people who need it can afford it, and reap the benefits, ” said Nokero’s inventor and founder Stephen Katsaros. “There are so many ways this product can change lives: It can help keep families and shopkeepers safe, help students study at night, eradicate indoor pollution, and reduce worldwide carbon emissions.”More affordable than keroseneThe United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) estimates that those using fuel lamps spend five percent of their income on fuel. The Nokero bulb removes the cost of fuel, making it affordable even to those living in substandard conditions. It can pay for itself within months when replacing a kerosene lantern because of kerosene’s high cost.Nokero is cordless and doesn’t require the infrastructure of traditional grid lighting – removing much of the expense faced when attempting to bring electricity to many parts of the world. It is simple, and doesn’t require complicated installation or maintenance.The bulb provides about four hours of light when fully charged, and about two or more hours of light after a typical day charging in full sunlight.A cleaner lighting solutionThe UNFCC estimates that 190 million tons of carbon dioxide are released by fuel lanterns each year, the equivalent of 30 million cars. The Nokero bulb is solar-powered and does not emit carbon dioxide. Users can expect to save up to 250kg (550 pounds) of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere in one year when they use Nokero bulb versus burning kerosene.A safer lighting solutionContinued study by the UNFCCC found that families and children using fuel lanterns suffer from increased indoor air pollution and fire risk. Millions of students study in poor lighting conditions and millions more face reduced nighttime security. Nokero provides steady, bright and safe light in comparison to kerosene.“There’s no other product like this on the market,” Katsaros said. “This bulb represents our best chance at eradicating an outdated, dangerous practice and replacing it with a safe, sustainable solution.”Nokero is built to last. It is made of impact resistant plastic, four solar panels, and five bright LEDs (light emitting diodes). It can withstand wind, rain, and weather.The replaceable, nickel metal hydride battery lasts up to two years, and is easily and cheaply replaced. With long-lasting solar panels and LEDs rated for 50,000 hours of light, Nokero N100 can provide reliable light for well beyond the two-year life of the battery.Nokero has multiple uses. It can be deployed in areas of natural disaster, used for domestic lighting, on camping trips, in schoolhouses or in and around the home or patio. Its elegant light creates a comfortable atmosphere in almost any setting.

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