Monocrystal announced the appointment of new CEO

June 10, 2010
Date Announced: 10 Jun 2010 Stavropol, Russia – Monocrystal, Inc. – world’s leading provider of sapphire products and metallization pastes to semiconductor, optical, and solar industries, is pleased to announce the appointment of Oleg V. Kachalov to the position of Chief Executive Officer of Monocrystal. Mr. Kachalov succeeded Andrey V. Kravchenko, a former CEO of the company, who was promoted to the position of Vice President of Energomera Electronic Materials and will supervise Monocrystal as a part of his new responsibilities. Mr. Kachalov joined the company in 2002 and has a successful history of serving in various capacities at Monocrystal including positions of Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Sales & Marketing. His prior experience includes research and lecturing in the area of advanced materials for solid state electronics at Stavropol State Technical University (SSTU) and two years of scientific fellowship at Hamburg University of Technology (HHUT). Mr. Kachalov holds Master’s degree in solid state electronics and PhD in materials science from SSTU.“We are very excited about these two promotions in our top management team. As we continue sustainably developing our Monocrystal into a global market leader, the changes are an excellent indication of our capability of growing new leaders and strengthening expertise of our management board,” said Vladimir Polyakov, President of Energomera. About Monocrystal Monocrystal is a market leader in providing sapphire products, metallization pastes, and other advanced electronic materials to semiconductor, optical, and solar industries. Monocrystal’s product portfolio includes large diameter sapphire substrates for LED and RFIC applications and winning lead-free screen printing pastes for silicon wafer-based solar cells. The company exports 90 percent of its produce to more than 20 countries around the globe. Monocrystal is a subsidiary of Energomera and the head company of Energomera Electronic Materials business unit. To learn more about Monocrystal, visit Energomera Energomera manages a diversified portfolio of its growing market-leading businesses operating in Russia and globally. The company is world’s leading provider of sapphire products and metallization pastes to semiconductor, optical, and solar industries. Energomera’s electrotechnical business dominates Russian electricity metering market and enjoys over one third market share by manufacturing and selling meters and metering solutions to most of Russian utilities. Energomera’s agricultural business was named among the top three Russian wheat producers in 2008. To learn more about Energomera, visit


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