Madix announces Beam LED Canopy Light for retail applications

June 3, 2010
Date Announced: 03 Jun 2010 Madix Inc. today announced new LED lights that make retail products more attractive to customers and drive impulse sales. Madix's BEAM LED Canopy Light is a high-power, high-efficiency LED lighting system along with lens and reflective housing that directs a brilliant light over a wide distance. Madix reports that retailers using its LED lighting products have experienced dramatic sales increases and a faster ROI after replacing fluorescent lights. Madix Inc., a leading manufacturer of store shelving and fixtures, today announced a new LED lighting product for retail stores. BEAM LED Canopy Light™ is an expansion of the company's innovative LEDge Light® product line that quickly generates a positive ROI for retail stores and significantly increases sales of products illuminated by the lighting. Madix's BEAM LED Canopy Light employs the same LED technology as the company's LEDge Light, but uses a higher-power, higher-efficiency LED system, lens, and reflective housing to direct the light at a further distance and broadcast it well. Not only do BEAM LED Canopy Lights have all the incredible energy efficiency of LED, they do a much better job of illuminating products than traditional fluorescent lights. While fluorescent lights have ultraviolet rays that bleach or fade the ink on product packaging, BEAM LED Canopy Lights give off a "true white" that brightens product packaging. Using significantly more brilliant lights makes the illuminated products more attractive to customers, enhances the customer experience, and dramatically increases sales, according to Madix. The brilliant-white color rendering index of Madix's LED lights brings out the vibrant colors of product packaging that the brands have spent thousands of dollars creating. As a result, they drive impulse sales. "We have received extremely positive feedback from Madix customers who installed LEDge Light," said Shawn Kahler, Madix vice president of sales and marketing. "One large retail chain reported a 55% increase in sales just by installing LEDge Light over its end caps. Another large chain that replaced fluorescent lights with LEDge Lights realized a positive ROI in just 15 months in energy savings alone." Madix's BEAM LED Canopy Lights replace fluorescent lights, resulting in lower energy and replacement costs. ROI is further enhanced by improving store productivity. Labor costs are lower since LED lights don't need to be replaced as frequently as fluorescent bulbs and stores don't need to re-order lights as often. BEAM LED lights are attached by magnets or integral mounting flanges to upper shelves or brackets inserted into the uprights and replace existing fluorescent strips or add lighting capability. The green lighting solution is the first to offer a proximity sensing module that permits dimming of LEDs when customers are not in the shopping aisle. The low-voltage LED and dimmer lasts more than three times longer than fluorescent lighting, reduces energy consumption by 40% and eliminates product and packaging degradation associated with fluorescent heat and ultraviolet rays. LEDge Light is projected to last in excess of 50,000 hours at full power, as compared to 20,000 hours for most fluorescent strips. When set at a 50% dimmer, LEDge Light lasts as long as 11 years as compared to 2-1/2 years for most fluorescent lighting. The dimmer and proximity sensor also work together to create a customer-friendly environment in which lighting increases as customers approach and decreases when they leave the aisle. BEAM LED Canopy Lights are available to customers now. The lighting comes in standard 3-foot and 4-foot units. About Madix Inc.Known for its technological innovation, Madix is a leading manufacturer of store fixtures, specialty products, heavy-duty racking and workstations. The 54-year-old company is headquartered in Terrell, Texas on the eastern edge of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Terrell; Goodwater and Eclectic, Alabama; and North Brookfield, Massachusetts. The company also has warehouse facilities in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. In 2009, Inc. magazine named Madix one of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the country. Madix employs 1400 associates nationwide, including 800 at its Terrell facilities. For information, contact Madix (, 500 Airport Road, Terrell, TX 75160, 1-800-776-2349.