Brand Neue Corp.'s LED bulb is front runner in Federal Stimulus Program-funded poultry industry test

June 25, 2010
Date Announced: 25 Jun 2010 Bentonville, Arkansas - Brand Neue Corp., as the exclusive North American sales agent and distributor for Luma Vue LED Lighting products and systems ("Luma Vue") is pleased to announce that, in a University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture conducted research study named the Advanced Lighting Technology for Poultry Growers (the "Study"), the company's 6.5W dimmable flood lamp outperformed both rival LED bulbs and incandescent bulbs by significant margins of 56% and 89% respectively, and increased test farm net profit by 13%. The Study was part of a larger $39 million state energy program grant through the federal stimulus program."Our LED bulbs were late entries in the American Recovery and Re-investment Act sponsored research Study aimed at reducing energy consumption and costs for Arkansas poultry farmers and the more than 18,000 poultry houses in the state," says Brand Neue President John Ryan. "We were front runners in all measurable categories and are extraordinarily pleased, not only by the $30M opportunity the Study results represent for us in Arkansas, but the $80M opportunity presented by more than 50,000 poultry houses nationwide. These results illustrate Brand Neue innovation at its finest, and we have only just begun to scratch the surface on the greater LED opportunity globally."Arkansas is a strategic agricultural LED testing ground as it is a major poultry producing state, and home to Tyson Foods, Inc., the largest processor and marketer of chicken in the United States, and one of the largest in the world. For chicken house farmers globally, light is the single most important element in the precise science of growing chickens. A marginal gain in light efficiencies can be of huge benefit to the bottom line and increase production immensely. A marginal loss can compromise an entire seven-week flock of 20,000 broilers for processing. Critical to poultry house light efficiency is the ability of the light source to disperse light evenly across a 30-foot beam field, dim from 1% to 100% incrementally with precision, and perform with near perfect reliability for very long periods of time in a high heat, high dust, high ammonia environment, without requiring replacement.Too much light and chickens are too active and don't gain weight optimally, and too little light produces drowsy, low-functioning chickens that don't eat enough to reach marketable weight. Dark or dim spots between house lights or along the margins, interrupt the light harmony of the chicken house and decrease average weight gain and survival rates overall. High heat light such as incandescent, creates surplus heat, which in turn pressures HVAC systems and increases energy consumption and costs. CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs were specifically not included in the granted study, though they were still tested for cost and performance comparison purposes. Brand Neue's Luma Vue bulbs delivered superior performance and the results speak for themselves.Over the seven week development of test house poultry 'flocks', Luma Vue LEDs, a competitor's LEDs, and traditional incandescent bulbs were tested for light output, energy savings, capital cost recovery, and impacts on poultry growth, health, mortality and adult weight. The two LED companies supplied LED bulbs for two test houses each, and incandescents were used in one test house as a baseline for comparison. The average total KWH (kilowatt hours) used by Luma Vue 6.5W LEDs over the seven week trail was 205. The LED competitor's 10W bulb ran at 477 KWH, and the traditional 40W incandescent ran at 1908 KWH. Energy costs ran at an average of $16.40, $38.16 and $152.64 respectively. The Luma Vue LED bulb, though 56% more energy efficient, presented a capital cost per poultry house that was 39% less than the competitor's LED bulb. And finally, in overall poultry health, mortality and weight gain, Luma Vue bulbs performed as well as, or better than incandescents – the net results of which indicated a 13% increase in net profit per chicken house.Following an initial purchase of test quantities of LED, CFL and incandescent bulbs, from qualifying suppliers, more than $1M of the $1.6M grant remains to purchase 'winning' LED bulbs for use in several different chicken houses across the state. Results of the study and details of the LED bulb purchase will be announced in September, 2010. "Of course it would be nice to receive a $1M order, as a result of our efforts in the study, but more important to us and to our future, is that we were runaway winners in the research test and can use that information as proof of concept to poultry processors and to every industry – that our LED technology is indeed superior, even under the most demanding conditions," concludes Mr. Ryan.About Luma VueLuma Vue is a US-based designer and manufacturer of the most advanced residential, commercial and industrial LED lighting products available on the domestic market today with the required UL (Underwriters Laboratories) seal of approval for sale and distribution in North America. Luma Vue's energy-efficient LED products include (fluorescent replacement) tubes, flood lamps and bulbs, refrigeration lights, warehouse and outdoor lights, architectural lighting, and a range of LED-powered marker and display boards, frames and commercial signage and display items. Luma Vue consumer products are available in Sam's Club and other retailers in the United States, and beginning August, 2010 in Costco stores in the United Kingdom. Luma Vue LED products are available for distribution and sales in North America through an exclusive sales agency agreement with Brand Neue, Corp.To receive Company news as it crosses the wire, simply contribute your email address to the News Signup module found on the homepage of the Company website at To request investor or product information, please use the Request Information form on the Brand Neue website. To submit an idea or product for consideration by Brand Neue executives, please use the confidential Innovation Submission form on the Brand Neue website.About Brand Neue Corp.Brand Neue Corp. is a product innovation company trading over the counter on the OTCBB under the symbol BRNZ. 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