Bridgelux earns UL recognition for entire portfolio of LED Array products

June 15, 2010
Date Announced: 15 Jun 2010 Livermore, Calif. – Bridgelux Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of LED lighting technologies and solutions today announced that the company has earned Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Recognition for its entire portfolio of LED Array light sources, which includes the LS, ES and award-winning RS products. This certification will accelerate the introduction of new LED lighting products by making it possible to obtain UL Listed status for new lamps and luminaires built with Bridgelux’s Arrays without requiring a full in-system LED component evaluation. “Underwriters Laboratories is very pleased that Bridgelux chose to work with us for the certification of their LED Arrays,” said Doug Lockard, UL Lighting Business Manager. “Solid-state light sources are a critical new technology that is rapidly transforming the lighting industry. UL's Component Certification program helps to reduce the cost of end-product certification and speed the time to market for lamp and luminaire manufacturers by eliminating redundant testing of commercially available LED light sources. This program allows lighting manufacturers to identify products that are pre-approved to comply with safety requirements in finished lighting systems, accelerating the UL Listing process.”Bridgelux offers the industry’s widest range of solid-state light sources, delivering 240 to 4500 “hot” lumens across a broad range of color temperatures. This expansive portfolio of UL-recognized arrays provides Bridgelux customers with wide-ranging options as they develop high quality replacement lamps and luminaires for a market rapidly transitioning to energy efficient lighting.“A significant number of LED lamp and luminaire manufacturers are seeking UL Listing in order to successfully sell their products into the U.S. market,” said Jason Posselt, Bridgelux vice president of marketing. “By using Bridgelux Arrays, our customers can confidently design and manufacture with independent direction and support from UL and dramatically shorten the approval cycle.”The Bridgelux ES, LS, and RS Arrays can now be found in UL’s Online Certifications Directory. These arrays are compliant with UL 8750, the standard for safety of light emitting diode (LED) equipment for use in lighting products. More information can be found on the UL Lighting Standards webpage.

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