Optodrive LED Modules comply with Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) directive

June 30, 2010
Date Announced: 30 Jun 2010 The OptoDrive SVEA 15W-LED medical module 4300K has recently been tested by an independent test institute. Results have confirmed its suitability for Australian hospitals and medical tasks that are required to comply with the Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) as per AS1680.2.5:1997. This is an important Standard that takes into account the strict guidelines that apply to the use of lamps in the diagnosis of patients in hospital wards, medical clinics and associated areas. Tasks can vary from general medical examination to minor surgery. The OptoDrive SVEA is a complete compact light module comprising lens, driver and LEDs.Description of Cyanosis Observation Index (COI)The bluish discoloration in skin and mucous membranes indicates that the oxygen levels in the blood are dangerously depleted. Without a good transmittance in the red area (660nm) this could be undetected. The visual detection of cyanosis is related to the differences in the spectral transmission of oxyhaemoglobin and reduced haemoglobin which is maximized at about 660nm.• If a lamp output at 660nm is too low a patient’s skin color may appear darker and may be diagnosed as cyanosed when this is not the case.• If a lamp output at 660nm is too high it may mask the cyanosis and it may not be diagnosed when it is present.Optodrive LED ModulesProvide a superbly balanced light and excellent color reproduction. Many tasks demand extra accuracy in color perception, having achieved a Color Rendering Index value (CRI) which exceeds the standards of workplace lighting. OptoDrive LED modules provide the solution for many applications apart from medical lighting. To name a few – food retailing, art galleries, fashion/clothing displays.It should be noted, aside from OptoDrive LED’s many other types of LED’s have focused their development on brightness rather than color rendering and consequently most of the LED’s available today have the disadvantage of not appearing like natural light.The OptoDrive product range is made up of 3 product platforms: SVEA – Clara – Felicia.All of the OptoDrive LED module range is becoming increasingly popular because of their: compact dimensions - high illumination performance - colour temperature - Colour Rendering Index (CRI) - range of beam spreads (controlled by special lens and reflector designs) - cool - lack of IR and UV radiation - efficient/energy saving - long service life.In addition to all of the above features OptoDrive LED modules have been purpose designed to suit a wide range of light fittings eg.: task lights, downlights, spotlights etc.Our products are used worldwide in Europe, UK, USA and now Australia.

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