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June 24, 2010
Date Announced: 24 Jun 2010 Main objective is the maintenance of industrial lighting in the workplace illumination and the type of the visual work. The increase in light of the working surface increases the visibility of objects by increasing their brightness, increases the rate of differentiation of parts that affects productivity growth. For example, when performing certain operations on the main conveyor assembly of cars with increasing illumination from 30 to 75lk labor productivity increased by 8%. With a further increase to 100 lux - 28%. Further increase of illumination does productivity growth.In organizing the production of lighting necessary to ensure even distribution of brightness on the work surface and surrounding objects. Light-colored ceilings, walls and equipment promotes uniform distribution of brightness in the field of view of working people.Industrial lighting must ensure that no worker in the field of view of sharp shadows. The presence of sharp shadows distort the size and shape of objects, their distinction, and thereby increases fatigue and reduces productivity. Especially harmful to the moving shadows, which can lead to injury. Dazzling brightness limit the decrease in brightness of the light source, the correct choice of protective angle of the light, increasing the height of hanging lamps, the correct direction of the light flux on the working surface, as well as changing the angle of inclination of the working surface. Where feasible, shiny surfaces should be replaced dull.Fluctuations of light in the workplace, resulting, for example, a sharp change in voltage, determine pereadaptatsiyu eyes, leading to significant fatigue.In organizing the production of lighting should choose the desired spectral content of luminous flux. This requirement is particularly important for ensuring accurate color, and in some cases to enhance the color contrasts. To create the correct color used monochromatic light, reinforcing some color and weakening others.Lights should be comfortable and easy to use, durable, meet the requirements of aesthetics, electrical, and must not be the cause of an explosion or fire. Provision of these requirements is achieved by using the protective grounding, limited power supply of portable and local luminaries, the protection of elements of lighting networks from mechanical damage.All this provides a series of LED lights USS-150 Companies "FOCUS", which established an official representative of company "Axiom of Light" on one of the engineering plant.These lamps are manufactured using LEDs NICHIA NS3W183. Power consumption 150 W, the luminous flux 13600 lm.The company "FOCUS" was organized in 2004 in Fryazino Moscow region. City Fryazino - has the status of science city. Experience in the field of electronics since 1993. The company began its activities with the development and manufacture of electronics for the special lighting on the orders of other companies - manufacturers, was developed and released a series of charging electronic devices for lamps. Simultaneously the company led the research and testing in the field of optoelectronics, including in the direction of energy-efficient LED lighting.For many years, together with our partners, an analysis of market power LEDs manufacturers in Russia and abroad, according to test results the company has identified the main producers of the high-quality LEDs, is a company NICHIA and OSRAM. The company "FOCUS" has entered into long-term partnerships with leading global corporations NICHIA and OSRAM. In 2004 appeared the first storage and network LED floodlights, produced in Russia, was created the first prototype LED street lamp. Today the company "FOCUS" provides a full production cycle, from product development to introduce them to life.The company has a lot of innovative solutions, patents, and implemented projects in the sphere of energy saving and conservation ecology.Conducted serious scientific - research work, works its own technical laboratory.The company has a great emphasis on quality of output and quality control of stability. We constantly strive for excellence of its products and develop new technologies. All the products pass, thoroughly tested and has certificates of quality.The company is positioning itself as a manufacturer of high quality products. Manufactured products meets the stated specifications and have a high resource reliability.The mission - the fullest link innovative technologies and markets and their promising market opportunities with our clients.

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