New LED lighting for home or office

June 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Jun 2010 Ann Arbor, Michigan – Talisman Lighting Company brings the advantages of LED lighting to the home or office, in table or floor lamp designs of exceptional quality and elegance. Besides offering bright light that lends visual warmth to any room, Talisman lamps allow you to make a personal statement of taste in a room’s decor. LED lighting offers the utmost in energy efficiency, and has been used for years in commercial and industrial applications. According to the US Department of Energy, LEDs or solid state lighting technology offers our nation tremendous potential to save energy and enhance the quality of our built environment. But LED lighting tends to be harsh and directional. Due to their unique design requirements, LEDs have not been previously available as portable, plug-in lamps for the home. By creating a light engine or “bulb” that may never need replacing, and by integrating the lamp base, shade and light engine into a holistic system, Talisman has solved the engineering issues of LEDs. Talisman’s patent-pending light engine is projected to last up to 20 years under normal use, generating light output that is equivalent to a bright 100-watt incandescent bulb while needing only 17 watts of power. The company’s initial product offering of Arts and Crafts style floor and table lamps are made from premium woods by local Amish cabinetmakers. The shade materials are carefully selected to work beautifully with LED lighting, in fine white linen that delivers a very white, modern look, or a translucent vellum-like parchment with a softer glow. With energy efficiency and sustainability issues in the forefront of public awareness, Talisman LED lamps deliver beautiful, warm looking light in transitional and modern luminaire designs to the home or office. The company invites inquiries from lighting showrooms, distributors, and lamp manufacturers. About Talisman Lighting Talisman Lighting is an innovative lamp manufacturer that has taken LED technology to the next level for residential home lighting. Founded in 2009, Talisman is a lighting company focusing on a greener future – we’ve developed the technology to transform the harsh white light of LED’s into a softer, warmer luminaire. The result is a long lasting and efficient light that delivers a comfortable ambience to any residential or office setting.

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