Evluma receives GSA contract for participation in LED lighting projects

June 1, 2010
Date Announced: 01 Jun 2010 Seattle based LED Lighting Manufacturer, Evluma, has been awarded GSA Contract GS-07F-0442W. With a GSA contract in place, Evluma is able to participate in the federal government marketplace and reach out to government customers via GSA Advantage! Listed on GSA Advantage! will be Evluma’s premier product line, the Clearlight LED replacement / retrofit for NEMA Type 5 ‘dusk-till-dawn’ fixtures that might otherwise use 50-175W Mercury Vapor (MV) or 70-150W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs. Evluma’s 40W Clearlight LED alternative uses 80% less energy than a 175W MV bulb. Evluma is a GSA contracted vendor that can provide an LED light source without the owner having to sacrifice their existing fixture. The 40W LED Clearlight is a mogul base, direct screw-in replacement.The Clearlight can help reduce a carbon footprint or achieve mandated efficiency goals. “Many states and municipalities are seeking to ban the use of environmentally hazardous Mercury Vapor bulbs. Mercury free, the Clearlight is the eco-friendly alternative to MV, HPS or Induction, all of which contain anywhere from 6–50mg of Mercury,” said Cathleen Shattuck, Creative Director at Evluma. “City and County Design Standards increasingly call out for full cut-off lights. Approved by the IDA, the 40W Clearlight is a full cut-off light that reduces light pollution and eliminates light trespass, important in close quarters.”Evluma contract GS-07F-0442W is classified under Schedule 56, SIC Category 206 4 Energy Saving Lighting, Energy Efficient and/or Environmentally Friendly Lamps (light bulbs). GSA Preview assisted Express Imaging Systems, LLC DBA Evluma to complete the winning application, which included a Past Performance Evaluation and feedback from past customers. Evluma’s DUNS # is 112220806.The Clearlight has a power factor of ≥ 0.9 and a custom designed internal LED driver taking the place of the fixture’s legacy ballast. An active cooling system keeps the LED junction temperature low, resulting in long life and delivering an estimated L70 at 70,000 hours or longer. Its long lifetime, 3-4x longer than the MV and HPS technology it replaces, requires fewer maintenance visits. Depending on the cost per kHw of energy in the area, payback on the Clearlight could occur in as little as 2 years. “The Clearlight will pay for itself by the time the next HPS maintenance cycle comes around,” said Dave Tanonis, VP of Sales and Marketing at Evluma. Contact Evluma for a payback calculator.

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