DynaScan introduces RGB LED backlight technologies

June 18, 2010
Date Announced: 18 Jun 2010 DynaScan Technology unveiled its new flat-panel RGB LED backlight module technology earlier this month which offer numerous advantages over existing LED backlight techniques.DynaScan Technology, pioneer of innovative LED display solutions, unveiled its new flat-panel RGB LED backlight module technology at the 2010 SID International Exhibition earlier this month. The patented RGB LED backlight module with stacked flat type light guide panel combines the best of slim edge-lit LED backlight and the local dimming feature of direct-lit LED backlight. Applied independently or utilized together, each of DynaScan’s innovative backlight technologies offer clear advantages over existing LED backlight techniques. Merely 6mm thick, DynaScan’s “Stacked Flat Type” light guide panel is an assembly of simple flat light guides, without any curvature or wedge angle, allowing over 90% light output efficiency. Thanks to the flat light-guide structure and front space providing an adjustable long light-mixing area, the uniformity of output light can approach to ideal within one light-guide. As a result of the high saturated color of RGB LEDs, the color range can achieve a color gamut over 150% NTSC (1979). Typically, the inherent drawback of LCD is the high color distortion at low light intensity caused by leakage of the liquid crystal structure. By utilizing local dimming, the color distortion at low light intensity is very small; only 5% more than that at high intensity. This technique additionally enhances the static contrast ratio from 1,000:1 to 10,000:1. Compared to conventional direct-lit RGB LED backlight, power consumption of stacked flat type RGB backlight is reduced by a factor of 40% by utilizing both local dimming and ultra high efficiency flat light guide panels. “Virtual Primary Color-Mixing” Technique Using DynaScan’s patented “virtual primary color-mixing” technique, each individual light-guide RBG light source is calibrated to a pre-defined “virtual primary color” point. Variable amounts of red, green or blue are added to each light source, to ensure color uniformity throughout the panel. Applying this method, costly binning processes can be reduced, while the percentage of LED chip usability is increased from 40% up to 80%. Cost associated with RGB LEDs now becomes comparable with the cost of white LED used in conventional backlight techniques. Simultaneous Detection of Multiple LEDs in Real-Time Using a real-time simultaneous detecting method, a single photo detector simultaneously detects the entire set of RGB LEDs. The detection process is done between the pictures’ frame retrace-time, and will compensate decay of each LED. As a result, the display quality is maintained throughout its entire lifetime. The variation of LED light output caused by temperature changes at different locations of the panel can be eliminated by this real-time simultaneous detecting method. Availability DynaScan Technology is currently licensing its stacked flat type backlight technology, and is pursuing technology partners to incorporate this technology in complete display packages.DynaScan Technology, Inc. holds numerous patents and manufactures the DynaScan 360° cylindrical LED (Light Emitting Diode) video display. The displays, which have received numerous awards and recognition for their innovation, have been installed worldwide for use in advertising, events, entertainment and public information. DynaScan Technology, Inc. is mainly invested by Chroma Group, a global leader in technology test and measurement instruments, automated test systems, power electronics and special materials. Chroma was founded in 1984, is headquartered in Taipei and is traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under 2360. For more information, visit http://www.dynascanusa.com


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