Pixled’s F-11 LED video technology showcases Iron Man 2

June 7, 2010
Date Announced: 07 Jun 2010 When the team for Iron Man 2 decided to use an LED video screen with a media server feeding content rather than a green screen for the Stark and Hammer Expos, key concerns were cost; easily reconfigurable to meet a tight schedule; resolution; and weight. Pixled’s F-11 LED video technology was the solution. Director of Photography Matthew Libatique, ASC was supported by Gaffer Mike Bauman, who oversaw all of the rigging and programming of the massive LED screens for the film.The large LED screen was made up of Pixled F-11, 11mm LED video tiles. For the Stark Expo, the highly curved screen measured 70’ wide x 30’ high and because of the low weight of the F-11 technology, was able to be entirely rigged from two 2” pipes mounted below standard truss. Due to the shooting schedule the screen was quickly reconfigured overnight into 82’ wide x 22’ high screen to shoot the Hammer Expo scenes. The Pixled F-11 technology was provided to the film by Production Resource Group, LLC (PRG) who worked with Pixled rental partner XL Video to provide the right solution to the film. Bob Magee, XL Video Account Executive notes, “We needed to provide an LED screen that could have a very specific radius and it needed to be perfect when installed. I am proud that we were able to do just that. What made it most interesting is that the whole screen hangs off of only two 2” pipes. With these dimensions, no other technology could have done what the Pixled tiles were able to do and still have the same great resolution. Others were tested but the F-11 was the right solution.” The Pixled F-11 is an ultra-lightweight, semi-transparent LED video display that is a modular tile system suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Pixled F-11 uses Nichia SMD LEDs—at a pixel pitch of 11.25mm—to provide a light output of 5,500 NIT and has an IP65 rating. Weighing only 3kg/7lbs per tile (15kg/33lbs per m2), the F-11 is four times lighter than the current industry average. The F-11 is very versatile and is often used for scrim effects with its 10% transparency that light pass through it for 3D-like effects. It also features a unique, integrated shutter system, which provides the user with the option of using the display as a solid screen with zero transparency that increases the contrast of the image.Iron Man 2 took advantage of the transparency when the DP Libatique and Director Jon Favreau noted the cinematic look behind the screen when shafts of light came through from the lighting rig in front. They quickly decided to shoot some behind the scenes footage with the stars of the film doing scenes in the backstage area.Pixled will be showing the F-11 tiles at InfoComm in Las Vegas June 9th-11th. The Pixled booth is in the Digital Signage Pavilion in the North Hall, booth #N2675. Please stop by to see the low weight F-11 solution that was both a solution and an inspiration for Iron Man 2. On display will also be a range of new LED video technologies for both permanent installations as well as for rental and staging applications, including the new F-37L, 37mm flexible mesh video technology that is featured on one of this summers most high profile concert tours.Lighter, brighter, cost and energy efficient, it is no surprise Pixled products are a hit with designers from a range of markets. These days it is important to balance costs with relevant innovative technology that is cost-effective and sustainable. Pixled’s LED video product line is the solution.For more information, please go to www.pixled.com.Find us on Facebook – Pixled Follow us on Twitter – http://twitter.com/PIXLED_LED

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