Cogiscan unveils LED BIN validation and traceability solution

Sept. 21, 2010
Date Announced: 21 Sep 2010 Bromont, Canada - Cogiscan, the leading track, trace and control solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce the introduction of the LED BIN Validation and Traceability solution. Cogiscan’s solution is able to validate SMT line setup by tracking each reel to its feeder and specified feeder location on the machine, ensuring that each replacement reel contains LEDs with a correct and compatible BIN (Brightness Index Number). The solution is also able to generate traceability reports based on the BIN of each LED Reel used.Cogiscan Co-President, André Corriveau explains; “In a traditional SMT process the Cogiscan Line Setup Control application validates that the correct component part number is loaded on the correct feeder in the correct feeder slot. When LEDs are used it is sometimes necessary to also validate that the correct BIN is used because LEDs of different brightness levels must be matched according to different process rules. Because LEDs can have the same part number, but still have a different BIN, ensuring the use of LEDs with compatible BINs has been a challenge for manufacturers. This solution validates the BIN, and ensures the right LEDs are used.”This application forces the machine to stop processing when a process validation error occurs. This eliminates the risk of building defective product due to invalid machine setup or trying to perform an operation out of sequence. The automated validation system also reduces machine downtime during product changeovers and feeder replenishments. Each component reel load/unload event is logged in a central database. This component-level data can be linked with the actual product /PCB lot number, work order or serial number for complete traceability. The LED BIN Validation and Traceability Solution is available immediately.

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