ALT launches the brightest LED lamps in the world

Sept. 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Sep 2010 Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), a leading global manufacturer of high power LED lighting products, has proudly introduced its latest products—the Aurora(tm)-series V5 LED MR16 and the Apollo(tm)-series LED BR40 with the highest lumen output in the world for their product class. The Aurora(tm)-series V5 7-watt LED MR16 produces 720lm and the Apollo(tm)-series 35 watt LED BR40 produces 2600lm.Besides class-leading lumen output, the average lifespan of the Aurora(tm) series and the Apollo(tm) series will typically be between 20,000 to 40,000 hours. With such high lumen output and long lifespan, both lamps are ready and able to directly replace traditional indoor lighting. As a next generation lighting source, LED lighting has several advantages, including low energy consumption, long life time, and high luminous efficacy. Currently the lumen output of LED lighting is often lower than some traditional lighting. This remains a major market barrier, slowing down the whole lighting evolution. The market is still waiting for brighter LED products to be able to displace existing technology products.ALT recognizes that thermal management, or “overheating”, is the greatest challenge to producing high-brightness, long-life LED lamps. Theoretically nearly 30% of energy will turn into heat instead of light when turning on an LED lamp. With demand for ever-higher wattage LED products, lamps will produce more heat. Without proper heat dissipation and thermal management, the lifetime for an LED light bulb will drastically shorten.In order to produce high lumen LED lighting while maintaining premium quality construction and class-leading performance, ALT has devoted countless hours and resources to develop the most efficient heat dissipation system possible by using high quality materials, thin-fin radial heat sinks for maximum surface area and a state-of-the-art design and modeling process.Aeon Lighting Technology CEO James Liang explains, “We proudly present our patented radial-type exterior design for our LED products. This special radial design dramatically enhances the heat dissipation of our products.” He continues, “Also, the exterior cast is made from pure aluminum for excellent high heat conduction performance. Moreover, ALT has invested in our unique driver technology, which helps the electronic components be able to bear high working temperatures for the entire product lifetime and significantly increases thermal stability.”Advanced heat dissipation and high-performance driver technology are the foundation for ALT upon which to develop such high luminous efficacy LED lamps. Through rigorously testing, real-world experimental data of the Aurora Apollo(tm)-series LED BR40 lamps shows that the temperature of the LED chipboard, after reaching heat equilibrium, can maintain 58 degrees centigrade constantly, while the temperature of the heat sink is typically 56 degrees. The temperature difference between chipboard and heat sink is only 2 degrees. By maintaining a very small temperature variation between the chipboard and the heat sink, ALT demonstrates how effectively the patented all-aluminum radial design heat dissipation system works.“As ALT is dedicated to providing the highest lumen output and best quality LED replacement lamps to our customers, we are very excited about launching our latest Aurora(tm)-series V5 LED MR16 and Apollo(tm)-series BR40 LED lamps to the market,” says James Liang. “By satisfying a demanding market, our new products have generated tremendous attention in the lighting world. Moreover, by achieving safety certifications, including UL, FCC, CE, TUV, and Laser Test, and complying with various international standards, we are confident that our products will satisfy demanding customers and exceed customer expectations.”About Aeon Lighting Technology Inc.:Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. produces a wide range of high-performance LED lighting products. With leading-edge electronic manufacturing, industry-leading thermal management technology and high-performance optics, ALT holds more than 100 patents and safety certifications. ALT shares technology and engineering with their partner, an industrial server manufacturer. Founded in 2007, ALT is proudly headquartered in Taiwan. Aeon Lighting Technology is proud to be the first ever LED lighting company to receive international recognition by winning the prestigious IF Product Design Award for 2009 for the Aurora(tm)-series LED MR16.

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