Kenosha picks Amerlux as best in class for LED street lighting

Sept. 2, 2010
Date Announced: 02 Sep 2010 Fairfield, N.J. - The city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, is going efficient, announcing recently it would engage Amerlux Global Lighting Solutions to retrofit 750 of its downtown area lights with Amerlux's LED Acorn Retrofit lamps. The selection of Amerlux allows the city to maintain its existing street light poles and refractors, saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs."In the spirit of making smart, thoughtful and informed decisions for its citizens, the city of Kenosha undertook a rigorous year-long evaluation process to ensure they would identify and secure the best LED street lighting solution possible for their downtown area," noted Amerlux Chairman and Founder Frank Diassi. "They conducted a thorough and well-run evaluation, considering more than seven other lighting companies offering LED lighting products and Amerlux is honored to have our product selected as the best choice in outdoor LED street lighting solutions."In April the city tested different brands and LED products from seven different companies, installing each in the existing decorative posts in the downtown area in which it seeks to replace traditional induction-lit lamps. Each lamp was monitored for efficiency, projected cost savings and brightness, with Amerlux selected as a best-of-class LED outdoor lighting solutions provider.The Public Works Committee of the city of Kenosha unanimously approved the Amerlux contract on Aug. 16. The City Council offered its final approval shortly thereafter, employing a nearly $1 million federal grant to fund the project."Our team at Amerlux did an outstanding job managing this process," said Amerlux President and CEO Chuck Campagna. "The efficiencies of our lamps, and the sustainable nature of working with the existing poles rather than removing and manufacturing new ones was exactly what Kenosha was looking for with this project. We were gratified to have the city confirm what our other clients already know, which is the innovations Amerlux employs in its lighting products continue to offer distinguished, leading-edge and efficient solutions. The innovations, such as the ease of installing the LED retrofit, the savings realized by using the existing glass refractors and poles, combined with the use of federal grants, make this a win-win for the city of Kenosha."The Amerlux LED Acorn Retrofit lamp consists of four modules with high brightness LED's mounted to individual heat sinks. It boasts 50,000-plus hours of operational life, color temperature of 3500k and total power consumption of 87w.According to Kenosha Public Works Director Ron Bursek, the new lamps are expected to save the city approximately $780,000 thanks to increased lighting efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs over the next 15 years.The retrofit project is expected to be completed by spring 2011.About AmerluxAmerlux Global Lighting Solutions manufactures architectural grade energy efficient lighting solutions for the U.S. and international retail, supermarket, hospitality, commercial and outdoor lighting markets. Amerlux products utilize the latest in light source and electronic ballast technology that, when combined with the company's core competency in luminaire and optic design, provides just the right light for the application with the least energy consumed. The Amerlux product range spans track, recessed downlights and multiples, pendants, linear fluorescent and specialty lighting systems as well as outdoor architectural, step lighting, bollards and other outdoor specialty applications. For more information, please visit or call (973) 882-5010.

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