ESI launches Energy Saving Lighting Systems to improve lighting

Sept. 10, 2010
Date Announced: 10 Sep 2010 Energy Smart Industry or ESI, has established itself as one of the leading providers for LED lighting and LED retrofitting. The company now introduces better lighting solutions and energy saving lighting that can help people to improve the lighting and cut down on their electricity bills so that they can save money. ESI has introduced innovative LED lighting for Residential and offices. These lights are not only powerful and energy efficient but are stylish as well. Different kinds of lights have been introduced by the company and allow the costumers to illuminate their personal space in different ways. While announcing the launch of the new energy saving lighting system, Mr. David Houri, CEO of Energy Smart Industry said, “At ESI we understand that every space and place has a different requirement. A residential building might require simple lights while gyms or retail houses require stronger and stylish lighting. This is why we have introduced different kinds of energy saving lighting under our Vision series. There are different kinds LED light in these series which are apt for different places.”The company has introduced different kind of LED lights that includes Vision HB 1000X which is apt for large spaces like gyms, warehouses and other such places. For offices they recommend Vision ML – 60 X and other lighting solutions. All these LED lights introduced by the company are energy efficient and can help cut down on the electricity bills. The other advantage of using the energy saving lighting is that these lights are environment friendly. This implies that they do not emit heat, carbon, lead or ultra violet rays. All these pollutants are generally emitted by the other lights and fitting. But when one switches to LED retrofit then he need not worry about the same. The LED lights used by the company help in reducing the maintenance cost also. The company claims that the energy saving lights used by them can last for about 75,000 hours. This implies that apart from low electricity bills, one can look forward to reduced maintenance cost also.Customized lighting solution for the different industry is also offered by the company. The engineers from the company visit the area that is to be retrofitted and then design a plan that may involve using different kinds of energy saving LED lighting.Talking about the program, Mr. Houri said, “We have been providing customized lighting solutions since long now. Under this, the different industries can understand which kind of light would suit them. Our engineers suggest the best options to them and if they are satisfied then the LED retrofits are provide. The best part of this program is that we do not ask for installation charges and give our clients the ease to pay us when they start saving, This has encouraged people to use our energy efficient lights and save more money.”

Energy Smart Industry (ESI)

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