LED retrofit GLMP program from ESI promises big savings on electric bill

Sept. 29, 2010
Date Announced: 29 Sep 2010 Energy Smart Industry (ESI), which is now the leading provider of LED lighting solutions in USA, promises that their new LED retrofit GLMP program would help their clients make big savings on their electric bills. GLMP is the short form for Green Lease Management Program and is quite popular with people. Under this program, the different associations and industries can get their incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs replaced at no extra cost. The company has retrofitted many buildings and claim that their clients can look forward to positive cash flow through their program.Commenting on the claims made by the company, Mr. David Houri, CEO of Energy Smart Industry said, “ Our LED retrofits are highly efficient and do not use as much energy as the CFL bulbs or incandescent bulbs. In fact, when compared to them, the energy consumption is minimal. This means that people will surely experience a reduction in their energy bills and would be able to save a lot. Also, the LED bulbs that we provide do not emit heat and thus our clients can look forward to a reduction in the air-conditioning cost as well.”The CEO said that these are just some of the benefits of the GLMP program. The LED bulbs that are used for the retrofitting have a very long lifespan, being 75,000 hours. This means that the clients do not have to change the bulbs for years to come. This helps in bringing down the maintenance costs and helps save more. When one opts for the LED retrofit then he also helps in promoting usage of environment friendly LEDs.One of the biggest features of the GLMP offered by Energy Smart Industry is that the retrofitting is done at no extra cost. This implies that the consumers do not have to pay at the time of installation and can payback later when they start saving on the electric bill. This way they can easily opt for the program and get Led retrofit without worrying about any extra expenses. Other features like positive cash flow, 5 year maintenance program and other features also make the GLMP very popular with the clients. “The main purpose of introducing the Green Lease Management Program is to offer an environment friendly lighting solution so that we can look forward to a better future. The lightings are therefore designed in such a way so that it satisfies our customers and is energy efficient as well. The 5 year all inclusive protection plans also encourages people to opt for the retrofitting and play their role in promoting a greener planet. We also offer customize lighting solution to the different industries under the GLMP and are coming with better energy efficient products.”

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