Japan's first Luxeon-based LED retrofit light bulb delivered by Quantum Lighting and Future Lighting Solutions

Sept. 1, 2010
Date Announced: 01 Sep 2010 Montreal, Quebec – Future Lighting Solutions today announced a collaboration with Hong Kong’s Quantum Lighting Products Limited to develop an LED retrofit for E26-base incandescent light bulbs. The long-lasting, energy-saving retrofits utilize LUXEON® Rebel LEDs, are being marketed through Japanese retail stores under the country’s well-known Elpa brand, and are available in four cool and warm white models designed to replace 40W and 60W bulbs. The bulbs were designed and are by Quantum for Asahi Electric Corporation, the owner of the Elpa brand. Future Lighting Solutions provided engineering assistance, including input on LED board layout and thermal management, as well as consultation on board assembly on the production line. Future also provides inventory management services to ensure that Quantum receives LEDs from selected color, flux and forward voltage bins for consistent appearance and performance. Each 4W or 5.5W retrofit bulb contains three or five LUXEON Rebel LEDs, lasts up to 40,000 hours, and consumes 1/10 the energy of its incandescent counterpart. “We have five years of experience in designing and manufacturing LED flashlights, but expanding into LED retrofit bulbs presented new development challenges,” said Thomas Chan, Managing Director for Quantum Lighting. “Partnering with Future Lighting Solutions enabled us to deliver a reliable product without unnecessary development cycles while also launching a new product line that will significantly build our business.” “We have had a good working relationship with Quantum since they began developing solid state flashlights, and that paved the way for collaboration on this retrofit project,” said Winter Chan, Regional Sales VP of Future Lighting Solutions. “The bulb is already so successful that there is talk of expanding the market to North America and Europe, furthering our goal of fueling the global adoption of solid state illumination.” About Future Lighting Solutions Future Lighting Solutions is a leading provider of LED lighting components and support services for solid-state lighting products and installations, including engineering expertise, concept development, full system solutions and online tools that accelerate quality application development. The company is a division of Future Electronics.

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