Stouch Lighting exclusively distributes OptaLume, a new lighting technology

Sept. 30, 2010
Date Announced: 30 Sep 2010 The newest solution for energy efficient lighting is here with the OptaLume products exclusively distributed by Stouch Lighting. Stouch Lighting’s new lighting technology solution combines the latest in WhiteOptics technology, a reflector based on highly reflective plastic substrate. The mechanical and optical design gives lighting applications many advantages for fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, light boxes, illuminated signage, daylighting, display backlighting, reflective tiles, and custom applications.Additionally, the reflector is unique in that it has extremely high diffuse reflectance with greater than 97% reflectance across the visible spectrum, allowing light fixtures to be designed with more efficient light output while the highly diffuse nature of reflection allows light to be distributed evenly with a low-glare aesthetic. It also delivers up to 70% energy savings compared with traditional fixtures."Stouch Lighting continues to expand our product line to offer innovative energy efficient lighting products," says Ted Stouch, President/CEO, of Stouch Lighting. "Our new OptaLume products are a different technological solution for all commercial buildings, retail, municipal, and institutional users. It delivers greater energy efficiency, lower lifetime costs, and redefines energy efficient lighting."OptaLume improves visibility and quality of light with an increased light output, low glare, no color shift and uniform reflectance. OptaLume products accomplish this with less lumen output and greater energy savings because of the fixtures’ advanced optical design precisely delivers light while using 50% less bulbs. OptaLume technology extends product life while lowering energy consumption, saving up to 70% on electricity, and decreasing heat output up to 15%. For more information regarding OptaLume call 866.964.8559 or visit the Stouch Lighting web site at On the website, visitors can download product information, view case studies, learn important information about LED Lighting, and discovers your best product solution to save. About Stouch Lighting:Headquartered in Aston, PA, Stouch Lighting is a LED lighting distributor with over 20 years of extensive knowledge in the lighting industry. We distribute a vast selection of LED lighting products from various manufacturers. Stouch Lighting is also the exclusive distributor of OptaLume, an innovative technology of highly reflective plastic substrate. Stouch Lighting provides a “Best Solution” approach, for your specific environment. We assess, educate, and evaluate each application and then recommend the best product for your environment. We provide you with cost of ownership models, Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, LED to HID energy comparison matrix and cost verification to reduce your energy and operating costs.

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