Finnish Obelux Ltd introduces the most powerful LED light in the world

Sept. 7, 2010
Date Announced: 07 Sep 2010 The Finnish aviation obstacle light producer Obelux Ltd introduces on the market the world’s first and the most powerful High Intensity (HI) flashing white LED light delivering outstanding effective luminous intensity of 200 000 candelas. Obelux Ltd, an innovative global player in LED lighting technology, has announced the debut of its latest LED based High Intensity White Obstacle light (HI-200KW-230-X). The light is designed to replace old Xenon technology on over 150 meter tall buildings and masts which have normally required almost yearly maintenance. Due to the state-of-the-art design and the outstanding performance, the new High Intensity aviation light provides over 10 years of reliable life without the fear of unplanned site visits and high maintenance costs.The new groundbreaking LED light delivers total of 120 000 lumens and has the effective power of 200 000 cd. It has 60 000 times higher luminous intensity (cd) than traditional red aviation obstacle lights in small masts. In addition, Obelux Ltd offers exclusive 5-year warranty for all of its products –the longest in the industry.Obelux Ltd is well known of its continuous innovation and responsiveness in meeting the needs of the industry. “Our latest LED light outperforms all the existing high intensity lights with its outstanding reliability and long life time. With this new product Obelux Ltd is able to provide aviation obstacle lights to all application segments within the industry”, said Vesa Laakso, Chief Executive of Obelux Ltd. Finnish based company Obelux Ltd has built a reputation for delivering top quality aviation obstacle lights with outstanding reliability and top performance for over 14 years meanwhile also being one of the oldest companies focusing only on LED technology. The company possesses a large number of patents related to LEDs and it has delivered its products to over 50 countries worldwide. Obelux LED aviation obstacle lights are proven to be extremely reliable and long lasting, even in extreme Nordic weather conditions.The new High Intensity LED aviation obstacle light will be on the market in January 2011 and it will meet both international ICAO’s and FAA’s regulations.

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