i-Pix introduces 6 new products at PLASA 2010

Sept. 9, 2010
Date Announced: 09 Sep 2010 UK based specialist LED lighting manufacturer i-Pix shows 6 new products in its groundbreaking BB (Building Block) range at next week's PLASA exhibition at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London.BB1 Narrow BeamThis is a single pixel fixture, designed for outdoor and submersible use. It is an RDM device requiring just 15 Volts, and can be fitted to a range of i-Pix Power Boxes and Power Bars for even greater flexibility. Full power is 30 Watts at 240 v.The BB1 offers completely homogenised optics for the smoothest of output and is available in 20, 35 and 45 degree beam angles. It's powerful custom RGB LED light engine has incredible colour mixing capabilities including the effortless sourcing of tungsten and daylight colour temperatures. BB2This is a mega-bright entry level two pixel fixture with a choice of four interchangeable beam angles, and Camloc mounts - as with the other fixtures - for easy rigging or floor mounting. On full power it draws a mere 0.25 amps at 240 volts, so is ideal for situations where the power supply is limited.BB2x2The BB 2x2 is a square four cell self-contained fixture with removable fronts for the option of mixing up the optical systems. The choice of quick-change optics includes the same 10 degree optic that has been so popular with the BB7 and the 20 degree optic as used in the BB4, plus two additional beam angles of 35 and 45 degrees. There is also a choice of 5 different high brightness light engines for even greater flexibility.BB3This 3 pixel fixture shares the same choice of four beam angles - 10°, 20°, 35° and 45° complimenting the other fixtures in the BB range perfectly and sharing the same rigging accessories. On full power it consumes 0.5 Amps at 240 volts.4 Way & 6 Way Power BarsThe RDM DMX power bars come in two sizes - 4 or 6 way - with either standard disconnect or a hardwired model - to which are fitted the new BB1 fixtures. At full power the 4 way draws 0.5 amps and the six way 0.75 amps at 240 volts.These are ideal for all types of portable applications from film & TV shoots and location work to small stages live concerts and performances, site-specific theatre, exhibitions and conferences or education establishments where safety is paramount due to the low heat levels.The Power Bar provides low voltage to the BB1 and is equipped with an onboard user interface. This allows each fixture to be individually addressed and the 'operating' mode to be adjusted. Both power and data are fed neatly through a combined data/LV power cable.The user interface will receive and transmit either 8 or 16 bit DMX to the fixtures, and will run in stand-alone mode - whereby up to 20 memories can be stored, and a chase created from these.The Power Bar is fitted with Camloc mounts for connecting to Omega brackets, to facilitate quick and easy rig or boom rigging. As well as these suspension points, there is a centrally located spigot position for rigging onto stands of all types.Across the range :All these new BB fixtures feature i-Pix renowned homogenised optical system. Five new high intensity light engines - standard RGB, enhanced RGB (40% brighter), Warm White, Daylight White and Tuneable White - are available across the entire range.Future proofed 2nd generation 16 bit electronics and software architecture deliver exceptionally smooth fades, whilst the strobing function has been enhanced with a strobe sync function between each pixel, for more dramatic strobe. The choice of operating modes includes Stand Alone or DMX/RDM DMX, with a quick setup via the onboard user interface.Combined power and data connection system for quick cable hook up, with IP rated protection and daisy chaining capability - greatly simplifying cable hook up.The BB range is designed and engineered to work in the harshest of touring environments, with quick rig Camlocks and a choice of rigging accessories facilitating tool free setup.This is backed up with a three year parts and labour warranty across the range. Also new at PLASA .....A new asymmetric optical accessory for the popular i-Pix BB4 gives an exceptionally even cyc and set wash for up to 8 metres coverage, without any hotspot banding, when lit from the top or the bottom. A new weatherproofing accessory is available for the BB 7 - this distinctive and attractively shaped fixture is very popular for festivals and outdoor events, so with this additional protection outdoor illumination is easier to achieve.i-Pix is also previewing their new data-over-mains technology, which will be demonstrated at the exhibition with a BB2 together with an iPhone app, for remote controlling all fixtures in the BB range.

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