Energy Smart Industry announces LED retrofit program for industrial lighting

Sept. 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Sep 2010 Energy Smart Industry or ESI, which has proven to be one of the leading providers of LED retrofitting, announces LED Retrofit Program for Industrial Lighting. With this new lighting solution the industries can look forward to a noticeable reduction in electricity bills and can enjoy the advantages that are offered by LED lightings. The company claims that it would be providing the industries with customized lighting solution that suits their individual requirement. Talking about the LED Retrofit Program for Industries, Mr. David Houri, the CEO of Energy Smart Industry said, “We had already introduced LED lighting solutions for condominiums and offices and our clients are enjoying the benefits of LED lighting. Since our purpose is to offer environment friendly solution to everyone, we decided that we need to introduce LED solutions for Industries. With this new LED retrofit for industrial lighting the different industries can look forward to conserve energy and cut down on the electricity bills.”The company uses special professional LED bulbs for the retrofitting program that are energy efficient. This cuts down on electricity bill which is advantageous for the clients and the environment as well. Using the LED lights help in reducing the overhead costs also as these LED lights has very long life of about 75,000 hours. This implies that one can forget about replacing the bulbs for years and can save a lot. The LED retrofitting program is now being encouraged by the U.S. Department of energy also as they have observed that the LED retrofits is efficient and conserves energy. Like other bulbs, the LED bulbs do not emit pollutants like lead, carbon or ultraviolet rays. This ensures that no harm comes to the environment and the carbon footprint is reduced. Under the new industrial lighting program, ESI offers LED retrofitting at zero out of pocket expense and guaranteed positive cash flow . As per the program the engineers from ESI visit the industry that is to be retrofitted and they would come up with a customized solution for it. The company does not ask for any installation charges and thus the industry does not have to worry about any expenses. The repayment is done through the savings that one makes on the electricity bills. This means that the industries can not only be energy efficient but can be cost efficient as well. Explaining the program, Mr. Houri said, “We understand that people have hesitations about spending on new fitting and installation plans. This is why we decided to offer our revolutionary program which is based on repayment only through saving generated . Once we have installed the LED lights and the clients start saving on their electricity bill, they can pay us back through the savings they make on it.”Energy Smart Industry (ESI) focuses on LED energy-saving technology, providing eco-friendly lighting that has helped its clients save energy costs. Headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, ESI sells retrofit lighting service and LED products in the U.S. for applications like offices lighting, industrial lighting, retail lighting, outdoor lighting, residential lighting, architecture lighting, hospitality and healthcare lighting.

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