Optiled Super Star LED lamp special promotion at Circle K in Hong Kong

Sept. 27, 2010
Date Announced: 27 Sep 2010 LED lighting solution provider Optiled Lighting International Ltd. (Optiled) has collaborated with Circle K convenience store to launch a time-limited offer for the Optiled Super Star LED lamp. With this promotion, Optiled has become the first LED lighting provider to offer such products at convenience stores.From now until 12 October, customers can purchase Optiled Super Star 3.5W LED lamp at a discounted price of $99 only at 100 selected Circle K stores* in Hong Kong. For further discount, coupons can be redeemed at select Circle K stores for $10 off every Super Star 3.5W LED lamp purchased.Coupons can be downloaded at:• Optiled website: http://www.optiled.com/MyImage/image/OPTILED_circleK_coupon.jpg• Facebook: Search for ‘Optiled Lighting’• Sina Weibo: http://t.sina.com.cn/optiled The Super Star LED lamp can be used in most existing MR16 fixtures and includes all benefits of next generation LED lighting technology:• More energy efficient – up to 90% more energy efficient than conventional lighting• Longer life spans – lasts 35,000 hours, 17 times longer than conventional lighting• Better for the environment – patented “birdcage” lamp housing technology maximizes heat dissipation, significantly reducing air-conditioning costs and CO2 emissions• Safer for humans – mercury-free and does not produce IR or UV rays• Higher quality – Optiled LED lamps use industry-leading CREE LED chipsAbout OPTILED Lighting International Ltd.OPTILED Lighting International Ltd. is a leading expert and provider of LED lighting solutions across the entire range of functional lighting applications; OPTILED is shaping the future of light by leading the world into a new era of lighting based on LED technology.Founded in 2000 with its headquarters in Hong Kong, OPTILED quickly established itself as the leading brand in LED lighting solutions by developing innovative products, providing skilled and knowledgeable sales expertise and establishing an extensive distribution network across the North America, Europe, China, Japan, Australia & New Zealand, Hong Kong and South East Asia regions. For more information about OPTILED, please visit http://www.OPTILED.com.

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