Permlight Products, Inc. Receives New Financing

Sept. 10, 2010
Date Announced: 10 Sep 2010 Tustin, Calif. - Permlight today announced it has secured new financing that will enable the Company to expand and strengthen its financial position, and to execute its strategic plan focused on growth.Phil Frey, CEO of Permlight, said, "We look forward to working with a lender that has a reputation of enhancing shareholder value, and its belief in the prospects of Permlight and its brands. With the continuing growth in the LED market, Permlight has an unprecedented number of opportunities and we are excited about obtaining the financing to fully develop them." Permlight is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-powered LED light engines for use in signs and luminaires. Nearly 16 years post-inception, Permlight continues to lead the way in LED technology, using patented thermal management techniques to create light engines that are brighter, more efficient and longer lasting. The company has developed an extensive portfolio of patents to help guide the industry and the advancement of solid-state lighting.About LEDsLEDs, or light emitting diodes, are tiny semiconductor "chips" mounted on Permlight's patented heat reducing substrates which also contain a lens that can focus or direct the LEDs light. LEDs are extremely energy efficient, converting 30-40 percent of energy to visible light, versus eight percent of energy with a filament bulb. LEDs already have reached and exceeded the brightness levels of most traditional lighting sources. The DOE projections are that LEDs can exceed the efficacy levels of all traditional sources in less than 10 years.Most LEDs operating under normal conditions are longer lasting, consume less energy and require minimal maintenance. It is this efficiency, and the potential for reduced cost that continues to drive the market for LEDs and makes LEDs the perfect Green Energy solution. LEDs offer the following advantages in lighting applications: Lower operating life, lower maintenance life cycle cost, mercury elimination, reduced installation time and small mass. These benefits, when combined, result in a lower overall carbon footprint than any other light source.About Permlight Tustin, Calif. based Permlight Products Inc. offers innovative LED designs through two brands: Brillia LED Light Engines expand the boundaries of general illumination by providing off-the-shelf and customizable light engine solutions to the world's leading brands and manufacturers of lighting fixtures. Permlight for Signs develops high-powered LED systems for illuminated signs. For more information visit or call 714-508-0729.

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