The new TALEXXchain Crystal portfolio

Date Announced: 24 Sep 2010

Dornbirn, Austria – The robust TALEXXchain CRYSTAL LED chains from
Tridonic ensures that signage elements look really impressive. This is true whether vibrant colours are used or spotless white tones, either indoors or outdoors. What they have in common is that they give lettering and symbols a bright and uniform appearance.

With IP67 protection against the worst of the weather and with high system efficiency, TALEXXchain CRYSTAL CLASSIC and TALEXXchain CRYSTAL SELECT are the first choice for backlighting signage elements, particularly as they are available in impressive light colours. In addition to daylight white, there is the Tridonic-specific
“crystal white” for brilliant uniform colour. These flexible chains have smaller modules compared with the previous generation, a larger number of modules and an easily splittable design, making them ideal for uncomplicated installation. Intricate, curved or flat surfaces can be accurately and evenly illuminated right into the furthest angle.

Focus on economy

TALEXXchain CRYSTAL CLASSIC is the right LED light source for providing efficient and cost-effective backlighting for signage elements. The clear cover ensures uniform 140° distribution of the light from the LED light source in daylight white with a colour
temperature of 6,500 K or in crystal white with a colour temperature of 7,500 K. TALEXXchain CRYSTAL CLASSIC is also impressive in red. The long chains, which can be split after any of the 50 modules, can be quickly installed with a high degree of flexibility, giving designers enormous freedom.

Perfect presentation

Special challenges are easily met by the powerful TALEXXchain CRYSTAL SELECT. Any formats from very small to extremely large and any shapes from angular to organic can be achieved in any brightness and any colour – for example any corporate design can be realised. Excellent, uniform appearance requiring only a few modules comes as standard. The lens over the LED light source has a beam angle of 155° to achieve outstanding uniformity. And the daylight white with a colour
temperature of 6,500 K or crystal white with 7,500 K, 45lm luminous flux and MacAdams 5 give white a particular brilliance. There is not the slightest difference in colour tone or brightness to spoil the effect throughout the life of the system of around 80,000 hours.

TALEXXchain CRYSTAL SELECT provides this level of uniformity along its entire length, which can be split after any of the 100 modules each with one LED light source.

Tridonic offer brilliant, uniform and, with a luminous efficacy of 80 lm/W, extremely efficient backlighting of signage elements.

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