Energy Smart Industry offers LED outdoor lights

Sept. 16, 2010
Date Announced: 16 Sep 2010 Energy Smart Industry (ESI) has established itself as an efficient LED lighting solution provider. The company now announces the launch of LED outdoor lights under their energy efficiency program. The company has been providing with different lighting solutions in the past that cater to industries with different requirement and has helped many of them in reducing their electricity bills. ESI now launches special LED retrofits for industries and different association that require them for outdoor lighting.Commenting on the new LEDs for outdoor lighting, Mr. David Houri, CEO of Energy Smart Industry said, “Outdoor lighting is used for safety purpose and is used almost everywhere. So far we had been providing LED for residential and office buildings and had special retrofit lighting for these buildings. But when it comes to outdoor lighting, the requirement is different and stronger LED lights are required. This is why we introduced efficient LED outdoor lights that can be used for the same. These are powerful and are energy efficient like other retrofits offered by us.”Under the outdoor lighting series, the company has introduced modern fixtures that are not only efficient but are aesthetically appealing as well. The different outdoor lights like landscape lights, garden lights, projector lights, bollard lights and other such lights have been introduced under this range. Commercial lightings for illuminating billboards, banners and sign lights have also been launched by the firm. These lights are used in different complexes, in streets and are popular with manufacturing units also that require strong lights. The different fittings introduced by ESI are apt for decorative purpose and are energy efficient as well. They require little energy and this allows the different industries to reduce their electricity bills and benefit from the same. Another advantage of adding LED outdoor light is that these are environmentally safe. The LEDs do not pollute the environment by emitting carbon or lead. It also does not emit and helps in maintaining the temperature of the atmosphere. ESI offers different kinds of LEDs to the different industries. Their zero out of pocket expense program is applicable for the outdoor lightings also. Thus the different industries can benefit from it and save more.Highlighting the advantage of the zero out of pocket expense feature, “ Mr. Houri said, “The flexible repayment program is what has made us popular with our clients. We work for them and therefore we want to provide with the best products and services. So the clients who opt for the outdoor lighting retrofit also have the ease to get customized lighting solution and pay us back though the savings they make on the energy bills. Apart from this, maintenance program is also offered by ESI.”Energy Smart Industry (ESI) focuses on LED energy-saving technology, providing eco-friendly lighting that has helped its clients save energy costs. Headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, ESI sells retrofit lighting service and LED products in the U.S. for applications like offices lighting, industrial lighting, retail lighting, outdoor lighting, residential lighting, architecture lighting, hospitality and healthcare lighting.

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