Ringdale renovates headquarters with ActiveLED lighting

Sept. 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Sep 2010 Austin, Texas – Ringdale Inc., a global leader in commercial LED lighting, announces a major renovation of its U.S. headquarters incorporating green building practices, replacing all lighting with its ActiveLED™ fixtures. The revamped facility, which more than doubles the existing production area, enables Ringdale to meet its growing customer demand while saving a comprehensive 85% in lighting energy costs using its LED technology.Ringdale’s ActiveLED product line encompasses the industry’s largest variety of LED luminaires for interior and exterior commercial applications, including streets and roadways, parking structures, building exteriors, warehouses, offices, retail spaces, restaurants, billboards and architectural accents. The ActiveLED fixtures can be combined with Ringdale’s Net-Zero Solar Solution to provide off-grid powering in cases where electricity is not available or where a 100% free energy, carbon neutral design is preferable.ActiveLED fixtures deliver better illumination and 50-95% less energy usage than any conventional lighting source. Ringdale integrated its own patented solid-state lighting control and thermal management technology with the best LED element available to develop the ActiveLED product line. The mercury-free, solid-state lights are easy to install and use. All of the products are developed, manufactured and tested by Ringdale in its facility in Georgetown, Texas.For advanced lighting control capabilities in applications with intermittent use such as parking structures, conference rooms and stairwells, ActiveLED luminaires can be interconnected with Ringdale’s own intelligent controller, Light Space Manager™ to save an additional 10-25% in energy usage. Light Space Manager combines the capabilities of a light switch, dimmer and occupancy sensor in a single, easy-to-deploy wall or ceiling unit and is a fraction of the cost compared to other lighting control mechanisms in the industry.“Our lighting retrofit is an example of the significance of our advanced LED lighting in terms of sustainability and economic performance,” said Klaus Bollmann, CEO, Ringdale Inc. “It also proves that Ringdale LED lighting can be applied across all applications for improved lighting and control.”ActiveLED Lighting fixtures are backed by a ten-year warranty on LED elements and fixtures and five-year warranty on the power supply. For more information, contact Ringdale in the United States at 512-288-9080 or in the United Kingdom at +44-1444-871-349.About RingdaleRingdale focuses on helping organizations incorporate “green savings” into their business environments. Ringdale provides ActiveLED™ luminaires with patented, solid-state lighting control and thermal management technology as well as a wide range of secure document output management, access control and document workflow solutions. Ringdale Inc. is based in the United States and United Kingdom with offices in France, Germany, Japan and Singapore. It is part of the Network Technology PLC Group of Companies (NTY) listed on the London Stock Exchange. Visit Ringdale at www.ringdale.com/lighting.Ringdale® and ActiveLED™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ringdale Inc.

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