Kingsun remote wireless monitoring system uses ZigBee+GPRS technology

Sept. 10, 2010
Date Announced: 10 Sep 2010 Developing low-carbon economy has become a major focus of the world. Kingsun, as a forerunner of high new technology in semi-conductor lighting industry, always take realization of green lighting and development of low-carbon economy as our own duty. Therefore, we push remote wireless monitoring system based on ZigBee+GPRS, which can not only detect lamps’ trouble timely and accurately, but also make adjustment of brightness and on-off switch. Thus, the secondary energy saving mode can be realized based on original energy saving system of Kingsun street light without leaving home.This system consists of three parts: PC machine, field controller, terminal module. Applied with wireless method to send data, GPRS module is put into the field controller and radio frequency module is put into the terminal module. In fact, it can be used in various applications, such as road lighting, field lighting, square lighting, etc.Operating theory of the system is goes as follows:Computer send messages such as controlling order to field controller through Internet, GPRS network, then by RF (radio frequency) technology, field controller resend these messages to each lamp’s node. One field controller can control all lamps in one field and many controllers can be connected to one or more computers to realize remote management. Computer can control each lamp, meanwhile, message of each lamp can be uploaded to computer, that is to realize bidirectional data. The following are main system functions: 1. Control: (1)Group Control: 10%-100% dimming control for one road or one region of the road.(2)Individual Control: can control any lamp in one field m(3) Intelligent control: applied with brightness collection device in field controller, it can not only intelligently control lamp’s brightness according to enviramental brightness, but also realize timing control.2. Detection: computer can collect operational parameters (such as, current, temperature). Thus, people can easily find which lamp and region appears trouble.3. Alarm: under abnormal status such as communication defects, high current value, temperature, terminal module will send correspondence message to PC software to alert the problemsActual effect analysis of system implementation:We take 1000 pcs LED street lamps in some city for example Before installation After installationElectricity consumption(kwh) 2760 1932 Electricity charge perday(RMB) 3312 2318Electricity charge per month(RMB)99,360 69,540Labor cost (RMB) 4,000 /Gasoline and depreciation charge(RMB)8,000 /Monthly total charge(RMB) 111,360 69,540Yearly total charge(RMB) 1,336,320 834,480Note:1. The time of switch on for having installed system: 12 hours which is divided as follows:18:00-24:00, 100% brightness, 24:00-03:00, 30% brightness, 03:00-06:00, 50% brightness.2. The electricity charge is calculated by 1.2RMB/KWH3. Labor cost is 2000RMB per month, total 2 people.4. Gasoline and depreciation charge for patrol car: 800RMB per monthIn conclusion, charges per year before installation is 1,336,320RMB, charges per year after installation is 834,480RMB, which can save 1,336,320-834,480=501,840RMB.But, additional average cost for each lamp is only 100-200RMB.0.5 million RMB of investment in road can be saved per year.(michael wu)

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