Lighting Association is all lit up

Sept. 13, 2010
Date Announced: 13 Sep 2010 The Lighting Association (LA) is Europe’s largest association for the industry. In 2010, LA member Low Energy Designs kindly donated five SunBURST™ LED luminaires, ideal for our floodlighting needs.Low Energy Designs are at the forefront of energy saving solutions, both in technology quality, and energy efficiency. Their products use the highest specification LEDs and with their clever design and test meant, they were ready to not only illuminate the Lighting Association but also provide us with between 40 – 70% cost savings compared to the existing luminaires.The SunBURST™ (a member of the SunFAMILY group of robust LED luminaires) is light and is constructed from aluminium and polycarbonate. SunBURST™ can be mounted using a range of versatile bracket options and has a lumen output of 6,270lm.With programmable on-board intelligence, variable power output LEDs and photocell sensors the innovative LED fittings from Low Energy Designs have allowed the Lighting Association precise control over light output, minimising energy usage and maintaining excellent lighting distribution.Though the LA powers their SunBURST™s via traditional methods, SunBURST™ can also be powered by renewable power source such as solar, wind and water.With these modern, technologically advanced LED floodlights lighting the way, the Lighting Association’s brighter future shines through.

Low Energy Designs

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