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Nov. 9, 2010
Date Announced: 09 Nov 2010 The new IDBA-LSR Series Focused LED Line Lights from LDDLIGHT.com employ high output ‘Power LEDs’ aligned behind a unique focusing optic. The result is a light that optimizes the available light energy, generating a high intensity line of light onto the target even from extended working distances. Integral to the IDBA-LSR’s design, a finned heat sink provides fan-free passive cooling for thermal management of the LEDs, assuring uniform output over time and long LED life.IDBA-LSR models are used successfully in imaging applications with area or line scan cameras to provide very high intensity light suitable for creating bright or dark field lighting effects (for applications requiring diffuse back lighting, see the IDBA-RE Series). Typical IDBA-LSR applications include high speed inspection of web material (e.g. cloth, film, paper) for contaminants or irregularities; pattern recognition or detection of defects on electronic printed circuit boards; inspection of packaging films for breakage or pinching; inspection of rollers, drums and cylinders used in printing systems; high speed optical character reading (OCR).A member of our Line Light Family, IDBA-LSRs are offered in 40 size and wavelength configurations. Available with illuminated area dimensions ranging from 100 to 1,000 millimeters, IDBA-LSR models are offered with red, white, blue or green LEDs. Additional wavelengths and sizes may be custom ordered, including custom versions with forced-air cooling that offer up to 1.5 times higher output than passively cooled models.IDBA-LSRs deliver real customer value through their high build quality and competitive pricing. For part numbers and pricing, see the IDBA-LSR model page at http://www.lddlight.com, or enter “IDBA-LSR” into the site’s search box.

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