elelux italia install LED lights in the most famous Italian Hotel in Rome

Nov. 3, 2010
Date Announced: 03 Nov 2010 elelux italia, a new company involved in the led lighting for large communities (Hotels,Hospitals, Univerities etc) has completed his first step of incandescent light replacement process in one f the most famous italian hotel of the Starwood Hotels chai; The Excelsior Westin Hotel, in Via Veneto in Rome, the worldwide famous road seen in the "Dolce Vita" Gellini's movie.The new led ceiling lights (50 pcs) have been installed in the Doney restaurant and bar, achiving the twin of the level of luminousity, growed up to 250 lux of EM, against the 90 lux EM measured before the replacement.Lamps used coming from CK Technology of HKG and are dimmable ceiling light of 28W, used to replace old Osram Halogen lamps of 150W.

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