Philips Lighting joins forces with Chuck Nash Auto Group

Nov. 30, 2010
Date Announced: 30 Nov 2010 Case study: Chuck Nash Auto GroupLocation: San Marcos, TXProduct: Philips HIBREDFast FactsJob Name: Chuck Nash Auto GroupLocation: San Marcos, TexasPhilips Wide-Lite Product: HIBRED (retrofitted to existing Philips Wide-Lite EALs)Annual energy savings: $69,747.85 BackgroundThe Chuck Nash Auto dealership, located just outside of Austin, Texas, spans across eight acres and displays over 600 cars, trucks and SUVs. The dealership just off of IH35 has become a landmark, visible from miles away. There are 184 Philips Wide-Lite EAL metal halide site luminaires used to illuminate the dealership. Powering every 1,000 watt fixture throughout the night proved to be very expensive, and some local residents of the area noted the increase in light pollution. This led Chuck Nash, the dealership’s owner, to seek out an alternative lighting solution that did not sacrifice safety and security during off-peak hours. He also wanted to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and monthly utility bills.The Challenge“Brightly lit car lots invite customers to browse after hours, especially if the atmosphere feels safe enough to do so,” Chuck Nash said. “Our dealership needs bright lights to display our inventory. Since we are located on the outskirts of town, we need to draw customers to the area, and make our cars look amazing to passersby. We also need to keep the lot safe and free of vandalism. But when we received our first utility bill after using all 184 luminaires throughout the night, we decided we needed to make a change.”“We initially considered using a time clock control system that would power off most of the fixtures at 10:00 PM, but this option left too much of the dealership in the dark, which obstructed surveillance cameras and raised safety concerns. It was crucial that we kept the entire lot illuminated.” Nash explained, “Finding both an energy and cost efficient alternative was difficult until HIBRED was introduced to us by John Campsmith, the General Manager of Philips Wide-Lite.”The SolutionPhilips Wide-Lite presented the HIBRED low-level ambient lighting system, the first and only system to combine traditional high wattage outdoor HID luminaires with the latest in energy efficient LED technology. The HID luminaires provide the primary illumination during peak hours of operation (6:00 PM to 10:00 PM). The system then switches to HIBRED during off-peak hours (10:00 PM to 7:00 AM) to provide low-level ambient lighting to the entire dealership while consuming 97% less energy. HIBRED promises phenomenal ROI through energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and incredible uniform illumination, while providing a significant decrease in light pollution. The HIBRED system can be used both with new installations or easily retrofitted to an existing site without the need to pull any additional wiring unless so desired.The BenefitsAfter HIBRED’s installation, significant energy and utility savings continue to be realized through their service provider, Pedernales Electric. It originally cost the dealership almost $22 per hour to run their HID fixtures for an average of 13 hours each night. Now, it only costs them $0.63 per hour to run their HIBRED system during off-peak hours, yielding a 97% annual savings of nearly $70,000.Additionally, HIBRED helps to extend the life of the metal halide lamps used in their primary HID luminaires since they are no longer in use 100% of the time. Lamp life is estimated to improve by 370% from 3.7 to 13.7 years. As a result, lamp maintenance is reduced by three times, saving the auto group thousands of dollars in lamp replacement expenses. “The ambient LED light provides an even illumination throughout our entire lot,” says Chuck Nash, “Our surveillance cameras have a clear view of the area, and our inventory remains nicely visible from the road.” Chuck Nash expressed that, “the energy savings and return on investment are incredible. Choosing HIBRED was a smart and easy financial decision, and I am extremely satisfied with the results.”

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