New range of Infra Red (IR) LED analysers from Feasa

Nov. 4, 2010
Date Announced: 04 Nov 2010 Feasa have announced a new range of LED Analysers for testing Infra Red LED's in the printed circuit board manufacturing and testing environment. These analysers can test Infra Red LED's in the range 700nm to 950nm.The analysers provide excellent repeatability of less than 1% for wavelength and intensity measurements.The led analysers are available with both RS232 and a USB interface . The product can be purchased in 6,10 and 20 channel configurations and can be daisychained together for large numbers of infra red led measurement.The small size of the analyser makes it very convenient for use as a standalone product in a laboratory,incoming inspection area or integrated into ATE test fixtures. Applications for the product are in the areas of security products, remote controls,surveillance equipment,infra red cameras,illuminators.

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