Higher brightness, better efficiency, LED revolution: ALT exhibits at H.K. Light Fair

Nov. 8, 2010
Date Announced: 08 Nov 2010 The largest Asian light fair—H.K. Int’l Light Fair has been perfectly completed on October 30th. This year the number of exhibitors and buyers has broken the record. The total buyers have reached to 30,000; the total exhibitors have reached to 2,000. All buyers from national-wide have packed the venue, even though the event holder—HKTDC has largely increased the area of exhibit this year. Especially the latest hot industry—LED and save-energy lighting section has been a must-visit area for all visitors. ALT $1 USD Campaign Blow Up H.K. Light FairAmong all the exhibitors, although ALT only had single tints, the booth has been so packed since day one. Most of visitors particularly came to ALT booth to join “One Dollar LED Lighting Experience” campaign. All participations were able to enter decent LED lighting life with incredible low price. Besides, all sales generated from this campaign will be donated to World Environmental Organization to protect precious earth by real action. Inspired by this wonderful idea, the campaign has gathered great numbers of visitors and received great supports everyday. All Visitors Were Desperate To See ALT’s Innovate Products Except charity campaign, ALT also announced its latest Q3 products during the light fair, and instantly draws great attention from visitors. New products are including Orion™ T8 Tube V2, first launched in H.K. Light Fair. Succeeding the unique heat dissipation design from previous vision, the new one has lighter weight and cheaper price than previous one. Plus, the new T8 applied with CREE LED chips with high-brightness efficiency. Compared to other company’s T8 tube, Orion™ has higher luminous and more stable efficiency than others. Customers can use Orion™ to directly replace traditional fluorescent lamps. This innovational products attracted lots buyers from world-wide. Besides new T8 tube, ALT also announced another revolution product—Metis™ Chandelier Light. Different with other similar products in the market, Metis™ only uses high power and brightness LED chips. Moreover, ALT develops a unique light pole design to increase luminous efficacy and create a perfect light sharp. Thus, Metis™ becomes the best selection for architecture and interior design purpose. After seeing actual product demonstration on the scene, most of buyers came to realize the effort that ALT has work on developing high power LED products, and were desperate to inquire orders or quotation. Connecting With World-class Lighting Manufacturers By Green RevolutionFurthermore, during the exhibition, the CEO of ALT, James Liang, hold the opportunity to meet several world-class lighting manufacturers, such as Osram, BridgeLux, and USHIO. Using “Green Revolution” as ultimate goal, Mr. Liang has made an agreement with them to develop the high power LED market jointly. Liang says, “It is a good opportunity to connect with other world-leading lighting corporations. All of us have realized that it is a priority goal to popularize LED lighting to the world. It is also our mission to bring such high quality products to every human being in the world to achieve the idea of Green Revolution.” About Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. produces a wide range of high-performance LED lighting products. With leading-edge electronic manufacturing, industry-leading thermal management technology and high-performance optics, ALT holds more than 100 patents and safety certifications. ALT shares technology and engineering with their partner, an industrial server manufacturer. Founded in 2007, ALT is proudly headquartered in Taiwan. Aeon Lighting Technology is proud to be the first ever LED lighting company to receive international recognition by winning the prestigious IF Product Design Award for 2009 for the Aurora™-series LED MR16.

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