LED Light Energy hoping to relamp Chicago Navy Pier with LEDs

Nov. 4, 2010
Date Announced: 04 Nov 2010 LED Light Energy, an LED distributor and solutions provider in Chicago, has been selected by the PEPSI REFRESH PROJECT as a candidate for one of its $250,000 REFRESH awards. PEPSI awards more than $1.3 million each month for community based improvement projects, and the LED Light Energy’ project will relamp the Chicago Navy Pier with LEDs. Navy Pier is the largest tourist attraction in the US mid-west with more than 3 million visitors every year. The pier is open year round and it currently has more than 4,000 incandescent bulbs, 50 metal-halide streetlights and more than 1000 halogen PAR lamps in use 365 days per year. According to Nada El-Zein, LED Light Energy’s technical director, “the project will save enough energy to power the lighting for more than 300 homes every year. In addition to the energy savings, educational videos and brochures will be produced on energy efficiency and LED technology.” The project will be implemented together with local high schools to spread the word on energy load management with LED lighting. In order for the project to be implemented it will need to have the most votes among projects in its category cast during the month of November. You can learn more about the project and VOTE for its implementation by connecting to the following link: www.refresheverything.com/relightnavypier.

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