ECLLED introduces patented LED PLC lamp replacement

Nov. 22, 2010
Date Announced: 22 Nov 2010 ECLLED (MingYuan Lighting) introduces its patented product: High Power LED PLC retrofitted lamp for downlight. There are 3 power versions available: 4W, 6W, and 8W to replace traditional PLC 9W, 13W and 18W/26W respectively. It was equipped with MaxCool* High Power LED with aluminum reflector (Bridgelux chip 1W each). The special design of reflector provide perfect angle of 160º for downlight and also enhance its heat dissipation.To achieve excellent thermal performance, we use high quality aluminum for whole housing with fins backside, and special hollow design to get Chimney Effect (the higher temperature, the faster air flow). Bottom 340ºdegree rotatable and fixed with universal G24 or E27 base and build-in constant current LED driver, allow to replace traditional PLC lamp directly.Compare with traditional PLC lamp, LED has following advantages: 1) Much more energy-saving, save 55% energy;2) Much longer lifespan, about 50000hrs; 3) Much more environmentally friendly, contain no mercury or toxic and flammable gases; last longer and produce less waste; and they are made from fully recyclable materials; 4) Much more safe, vibration and impact resistant; no UV and reduce IR radiation. If you have any further enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.*MaxCool LED is designed and packaged by ECLLED, with copper and silver plated base heatsink to minimize junction temperature.

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