JM Rental and Sony PCL spearhead the upcoming 3D century with 3D LED screen technology

Nov. 11, 2010
Date Announced: 11 Nov 2010 JM Rental and Sony PCL have already worked together on a number of landmark projects, the most prominent of which was the spectacular FIFA World Cup FES Super Public Viewing (SPV), held on June 19, 2010 at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama City, Japan. Preparations for this groundbreaking event started a year in advance, with both companies investing huge capital sums in order to support it (JM Rental’s investment alone was US$8 Million in order to purchase more than 200 square meters of 3D LED panels (4mm pixel pitch) plus several sets of LCM-4K processors, whilst Sony PCL’s investment covered all aspects of the 3D content production) and working hard to resolve any issues, including technological teething problems. This culminated in a complete full trial run through at a public warehouse two weeks before the actual show. A local crew of 100 strong, including professional structural, audio and video engineers and technicians were deployed to construct this mega 3D LED screen at the Saitama Super Arena within an incredible 12 hours during the main show of SPV. A 10,000-strong audience attended the show, enjoying this amazing step in 3D technology development, with a live 3D broadcast of performances by top Japanese singers followed by a live broadcast of the Japan vs Netherlands match in 2D. At 30 x 23 panels (19.2m wide x 11.04m high), with a pixel resolution of 4,320 x 1,215 (in 3D), the screen provided for the SPV is probably the world’s largest high-definition 4mm LED screen (based on Sony research in February 2010). Its crisp 3D images and excellent viewing angles treated guests in every area of the arena to an exciting viewing experience, with none of the motion sickness associated with other 3D technologies, and a more real visual experience. With Sony PCL providing the means to manage the screen’s images via its proprietary content production system, fed from 3D Live cameras and processed via LCM-4K processors and displayed in this magnificent Circular Polarization’s 3D LED screen, JM Rental and Sony PCL wowed the audience with their 3D screens’ stunning visual impact. Feedback from the guests was universally positive and the event further enhanced Sony PCL and JM Rental’s reputation for achieving excellence at events where optimum quality is required.JM Rental and Sony PCL have been active partners in several other well-known 3D events, which provided a platform to put the 3D LED screen through its paces prior to the SPV. All the events used 70 panels of screen and included 3D World created by Sony in South Africa, Sony’s make.believe event held in Roppongi Hills in Japan earlier this year, as well as at industry trade shows such as NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) in Las Vegas, IFA in Germany and Broadcast & Cable in Brazil. JM Rental and Sony PCL supplied around 23m2 of 3D LED screen and live 3D cameras at Nelson Mandela Square (Sandton City) in celebration of the first ever FIFA World CupTM to be produced in 3D during the tournament of World Cup 2010 at Johannesburg, South Africa. “3D LED panels are still relatively new to the market, but they are undoubtedly going to change the way we are entertained and, as their use spreads, the general public will be able to more freely enjoy this new dimension in entertainment. We are very pleased and proud to be at its forefront,” says Kenneth Yip of JM Rental. “The Super Public Viewing event demonstrated that, together with Sony PCL, one of the world’s leading experiential content production companies, our 3D technology is enthusiastically received by audiences.” The 4mm pixel pitch panels used by JM Rental are the ideal medium for 3D LED, as their finest picture, colour uniformity and excellent contrast level and viewing angles mean that large audiences can enjoy the 3D effect, with none of the issues of motion sickness and hurting of the eyes that some users have reported from other 3D technologies.“Working with JM Rental on this brand new technology is very exciting for us,” says Michimasa Sekiguchi of Sony PCL. “3D is the hot topic in visual technology at the moment, so applying it to LED screens is a new challenge - and a highly rewarding one. We are looking forward to helping to create the future of LED display technology.”JM Rental has extremely large stocks of 3D (4mm pixel pitch) panels, which means that any projects that require large-scale 3D screens can be easily serviced. In the coming months, JM Rental and Sony PCL will promote their 3D technologies around the world, with forthcoming projects including a road show in various locations, where customers can experience 3D LED first hand and understand how it can enhance their events.“Sony PCL and JM Rental are heading to continually improving our 3D technologies, products and service,” concludes Mr Yip. “JM Rental’s current stock of 3D panels and Sony PCL’s extensive experienced with 3D production means that our combined resources will be able to satisfy screens on a huge scale, and places us well to apply our 3D knowledge and products to future collaborations.”About JM RentalJM Rental is one of the largest LED display rental companies in Asia. Over the years, the company has established a team of visual professionals that can manage projects of any scale, and a network of global rental partners to support thousands of events and exhibitions around the world. Perfecting Vision is JM’s core mission. The company distinguishes itself with its inventory of renowned and reliable LED screens that deliver state-of-the-art visual excellence, together with a range of professional services which includes lighting effects, managing and directing audio-visual synchronization technology, to create sparkles for any event. About Sony PCLOriginally founded in 1951 as a laboratory for processing 16mm films, Sony PCL has since grown to become one of Japan’s biggest digital production and event creation companies, specialising in visual imagery. The company prides itself on being at the cutting edge of digital media in a wide range of disciplines, forging close relationships with manufacturers and using the very latest equipment and ideas. 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