LED lighting retrofit project wins high praise with products of Nanjing Jishan Optoelectronics Inc.

Nov. 17, 2010
Date Announced: 17 Nov 2010 With all the LED lighting products from Nanjing Jishan Optoelectronics Inc., Liuhua Hotel’s LED lighting retrofit project wins high praises from the top leaders of China Guangzhou Municipal Government, who encourage the entire city to follow this example.City top leaders Mr. Zhang Guangning, Mr. Wan Qingliang and their associates inspected the Liuhua Hotel’s LED Retrofit project .The general manager of Liuhua Hotel Mr. Cheng accompanied the inspection and reported to the leaders on this project. All of the LED lighting products used by the Liuhua project, are manufactured by the internationally renowned high power LED emitter company, Jishan Optoelectronics Inc., Nanjing, China. As a result, an astonishing 69% energy saving is reached, and the electricity power consumption is reduced from 293KW to now 91KW. This is equivalent to a cost reduction of RMB750,000.00 per year, in addition to a great environmental benefit. Moreover, the lighting condition is enhanced with the LED lighting, and the maintenance cost is also greatly reduced.The city leaders praised highly for this Liuhua project, which adopts the energy management contract (EMC) model, and they encourage the entire city to follow this Liuhua Hotel example. About Nanjing Jishan Optoelectronics Inc.Nanjing Jishan Optoelectronics Inc. is the professional manufacture of multi-chip LED emitters for high-power LED light source, LED constant current power supply and LED lighting application products.For more information please visit http://www.jsjs.com.

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