Robe and Anolis in pole position at Orchard Tower, Singapore

Nov. 15, 2010
Date Announced: 15 Nov 2010 Robe and Anolis lighting fixtures have been specified and installed into 3 separate busy clubs in Orchard Tower, 400 Orchard Road, a well known landmark on the Singaporean night scene for those who enjoy serious pole dancing and drinking culture.The 3 clubs – Queens, Crazy Horse and Top 5 Disco - all owned by Helen Yap, have all recently had their lighting upgraded to keep pace with the latest technology. This has been specified by Technical Manager Dave Rock, a semi-legendary character of the Singapore club scene, who has been involved with various venues in Orchard Towers for the last 25 years!During that time, he’s seen lighting technology and trends change dramatically. He’s been using and working with Robe fixtures for some time in assorted venues, but this was the first time he’s actually specified either Robe or Anolis brands for an installation. In Crazy Horse, Yap specifically wanted the dancefloor illuminated, so Rock looked at the options and received some demos, including from Louis Teo of Lighting & Sound Distribution, the local Robe and Anolis distributor. He wanted a quality, energy efficient lightsource that would produce rich deep colours, and chose Anolis ArcSource 3 RGBs, which are fitted below the frosted Tempered Glass dancefloor.This was so successful at bringing the dancefloor to life and lifting the whole ambience of the club, that the process was repeated in both Queens and Top 5 with the new Anolis ArcLink 3 RGBs below the floor. “The quality of both the light output and the build is excellent,” comments Rock.Crazy Horse has also had 4 Robe ClubSpot 160s added to its lighting rig, chosen by Rock for their compact size – the space has a very low ceiling – their multiple features and functionality and great value for money. ”They are just the perfect lights for the space and the job,” he says.Top 5 is the largest of the 3 clubs, which also has a performance stage for the house band as well as numerous poles around the venue, and a large moving lighting rig above the dancefloor, bringing a touch of retro from the glory days of disco in the 1980s .. which is extremely popular with guests.In here, Rock was keen to introduce some serious rock ‘n’ roll lighting effects and so chose 8 of Robe’s new ROBIN 300 Beams, which are positioned upstage above the stage. He was totally impressed by the brightness of these, which easily beats the intensity of 575 class fixtures and can be used for some serious beam pattern and searchlight looks in a series of dramatic colours and gobo combinations.They are rigged so they can also move out and cover the main dancefloor for the DJ sets. Immediately Louis Teo showed Rock the ROBIN 300 Beams, he knew that’s what he wanted for the club. They are small, lightweight and consume little power whilst giving out a massive output. “The beams are so bright that we’re also finding we need much less smoke when the band are on,” says Rock, who declares enthusiastically, “I Love them”. He often operates the lightshow in Top 5 himself using an Avo Pearl 2004.The New Top 5’s lobby bar has also been given a lift with the Anolis ArcSource 3s which are downlighting the bar top.With all clubs in action 7 days a week, reliability of any equipment is a key factor, and Dave Rock already knew that this was guaranteed. He concludes, that apart from all that, the “Fantastic” service from Lighting & Sound Distribution is another reason that he will definitely be spec’ing and recommending Robe and Anolis for future projects.

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