Epistar enables 162 lm/W white LED for lighting applications

Nov. 16, 2010
Date Announced: 16 Nov 2010 Hsinchu, Taiwan –– As the LED's brightest link, EPISTAR (TWSE: 2448) today unveiled its breakthrough of High-Voltage (HV) chip that enable the cold white LED to reach 162 lm/W.It is believed that EPISTAR's stunning HV-LED, which is a monolithically integrated DC multiple array chip LED for high voltage applications, is expected to be a mainstream in general lighting applications with its leading performance that manages the power saving, efficiency improvement and so on for environment consciousness concerns. Comparing with traditional LEDs, HV-LED has advantages of less power consumption and higher wall plug efficiency because of its robust new high voltage chip design. The flexibility of voltage and current adjustment of HV-LED can simplify the LED package and circuit design, and its overall efficiency is therefore enhanced.Epistar Lab strives towards developing LED technologies and products of low power consumption and high efficiency. The record high luminous of 162 Lm/W is operated under 5000K of cold white and 20mA condition with 45mil InGaN HV-LED by Epistar Lab.

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