American Lighting unveils bright, energy-efficient LED under-cabinet lighting with full dimming capabilities

Nov. 16, 2010
Date Announced: 16 Nov 2010 Denver - American Lighting, an innovative manufacturer and distributor of lighting technologies for residential, commercial and specialty markets, today announced its bright, fully dimmable, energy-saving under-cabinet LED lights. The PRIORI PLUS LED is brighter than standard incandescent lights and provides a full range of continuous dimming control from 100 percent light output to 0 percent. “Residential and commercial customers want under-cabinet lighting that is dimmable, brighter and more efficient than today’s incandescent options. The American Lighting PRIORI PLUS LED delivers all that and more, and allows us to provide our customers the best under-cabinet lighting solutions in the market,” said Hugh Prosser, a buyer at Lamps Plus. “We tested all available under-cabinet lights, and the PRIORI PLUS LED was the clear winner – providing evenly distributed, high lumen output, easy installation and full dimming capabilities.” American Lighting’s PRIORI PLUS LED under-cabinet light offers superior energy savings and brightness, and is ideal for workspaces and areas where space is limited but adequate illumination is required. Compared to standard incandescent under-cabinet fixtures, the PRIORI PLUS’ superior light output delivers 50 to 60 percent more lumens, while using 75 percent less electricity. Industry-leading high-powered Seoul Semiconductor 120V AC LEDs are used in the PRIORI PLUS LED, eliminating the need for a built-in driver or added power supplies. In addition, its linkable design makes it versatile and easy to install, allowing for quick and easy interconnection with jumpers or direct connection end-to-end. The PRIORI PLUS LED operates 30 to 40 percent cooler than the industry’s standard incandescent and Halogen fixtures, eliminating the risk of heat damage to items laying 12 to 18 inches below or above the light fixture. The average lamp life for the PRIORI PLUS LED is 50,000 hours, which is 5 times greater than standard incandescent lights and 16 times greater than Halogen lights. Additional features include: - 3500° Kelvin white light with high color rendering (87 CRI) - Fully dimmable, uses standard dimmers - Low profile – only 15/16 inches high - Eco-friendly. No UV, mercury or lead - Available in four convenient lengths and two durable finishes “American Lighting’s PRIORI PLUS LED under-cabinet lighting provides a modern and adaptable new lighting fixture for residential and commercial workspaces,” said David Wilkins, CEO, American Lighting. “We remain committed to providing our customers with versatile, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting options that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.” Pricing and availability The PRIORI PLUS LED is immediately available. For pricing options and purchasing, please contact American Lighting sales at 800.880.1180. About American Lighting American Lighting offers innovative, high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions to support our customers' diverse business needs and continued success. Experts in LED and energy-efficient lighting technologies, American Lighting takes a "green" approach to ongoing product development and offers a broad line of modern lighting solutions. American Lighting has built a strong reputation of technical knowledge and application support, excellent customer service and timely education through American Lighting University and readily available technical support services.

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