Designed and built for LED: ERCO’s Logotec LED spotlights

Nov. 11, 2010
Date Announced: 11 Nov 2010 Lüdenscheid, November 2010 – the future of lighting technology lies with LEDs. These particularly long-life and energy-efficient light sources have now become established as an alternative to conventional lamps. It is for this reason that ERCO is launching the Logotec LED range amongst many other new products for 2011 – Logotec’s range of spotlights and recessed spotlights, specifically designed and built solely for LEDs. Innovative optoelectronic components make the spotlight range a sustainable comparable alternative to spotlights with conventional reflectors and lamps, such as low-voltage halogen lamps up to 100 watts or HIT 20-watt metal halide lamps. Thanks to the patented Spherolit lenses, the new spotlight range offers a comprehensive selection of six different light intensity distributions, which also includes particularly efficient wallwashers. Logotec LED are available as track-mounted and as recessed spotlights for installation in false ceilings, which means that they optimally compliment ERCO’s extensive range of products for high quality architectural lighting.Wide spectrum of light distributionsLogotec LED has been designed specifically for LEDs, but what makes the new spotlight range really exceptional is its system design and energy efficiency. The optoelectronic key components of the LED technology – PCBs, collimators and Spherolit lenses – are designed and manufactured by ERCO in-house. The interchangeable Spherolit lenses offer application-orientated light distributions extending from narrow through to wide and oval beams as well as patterns for vertical illuminance. The generated light is guided through three stages. Firstly, the primary optical system, consisting of a lens directly on the LED chip, produces a hemispherical light emission. Secondly, the collimator aligns the rays of light into a parallel beam. Thirdly, the focused beam passes through the Spherolit tertiary lens which determines the light distribution. The release of Logotec LED also sees the launch for the first time of ERCO’s new LED characteristics “narrow spot” and “wallwash”. By offering the full complement of the well-established range of light distribution patterns with which users of ERCO products are familiar, these spotlights can reliably satisfy all the tasks that relate to professional lighting design. The significant advantage of the Spherolit lens optical systems is particularly evident through the greater efficiency of the Logotec LED lens wallwasher. With an LOR (light output ratio) of approx. 80%, it is twice as efficient as conventional lamps in lens wallwashers.Optimum heat management for long lamp lifeA characteristic of both spotlights and recessed spotlights is their remarkably flat shape, which is only possible through the use of LED lighting technology. The design of Logotec LED is a visible expression of the use of innovative technology. In conjunction with the die-cast aluminium material, the design contributes to optimum heat management. It is this that enables the high-power LEDs to reach the full extent of their long service life and to give the best output throughout their functional life. The control gear is contained within the compact light head. The spotlight suspension, which allows rotation and tilt on a rigid bracket, and the connection via the 3-circuit adapter combine to enable the flexibility of ERCO’s well-proven track system to be used to the full.Round or squareAvailable in round and square formats, the shape of the Logotec LED recessed spotlights can be chosen to suit the actual architecture and style of the interior. The recessed version features a tilt mechanism for beam alignment. When used with the “wallwash” Spherolit lens, this enables walls to be uniformly illuminated right up to the ceiling. Installers can choose between a flush mounting detail or a covered mounting detail. A particular advantage of Logotec is that it uses the same mounting rings or mounting frames as the Quintessence range of downlights, meaning that the luminaires can be freely interchanged as required. The fact that tools are not required for mounting ensures a simple, rational and economical installation. About ERCOERCO GmbH, Lüdenscheid, is one of the leading companies in the luminaire industry. The family business founded in 1934 now operates with over 60 subsidiaries, branches and agencies all around the world. Working together with internationally renowned designers, lighting engineers and architects, ERCO develops hard and software for all areas of architectural lighting: luminaires and lighting systems for indoor and outdoor areas, as well as lighting controls and software for scenographic lighting applications. In keeping with the corporate philosophy of "Light not luminaires," lighting equipment is not offered simply as furnishing for rooms, but rather luminaries are offered as instruments of lighting design. Many demanding architectural projects are illuminated using ERCO equipment, including the Berlin Reichstag, the Louvre in Paris and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

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